The 23 James Bond Films Edited Into One (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 9, 2012

James Bond's latest adventure, Skyfall, hits theaters this week and we are uber-psyched here at Egotastic! No one in film history has known how to swing a pair of brass balls like 007. He's a hard spying, chick banging, martini drinking, fist fighting, villain shooting, henchman killing, fast-car-driving, gadget-having, badass. For 50 years, generations of men have had Bond as a paradigm of manhood. My childhood bond was the suave and humorous Roger Moore. Though I am far from being cool enough to even work in Q's IT department, I still fantasize that I one day could be. I'd like to go back and watch all of the films before I go see Skyfall tomorrow, but I don't have time to watch 23 films. Luckily, someone has taken the time to create 50 Years of James Bond: The Movie. It is a supercut of 5-10 minutes of every Bond film to make one narrative. It's strikingly cohesive. So, shake that martini and enjoy.

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