That’s Some Crazy Shit: Train Plows Into House and Other Bizarre Crashes

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bill-swift - January 19, 2013

During breakfast, one early morning in Sweden...

Dude #1: I'm heading down to town later, d'you guys need anything? Booze? Smokes? Etcetera?
Dude #2: *picks his nose, goes back to sleep at the table*
Dude #3: We're running low on--


Dude #1: Holy hell, is that a train?
Dude #3: F@#$! It's a train, we've got a f*#%ing train in the house, what in the F#$% just happened?!
Dude #2: *snores*

Sounds like a crazy and unlikely story, but it actually happened in real life. Not that thing about the three dudes, but only that part about the train crashing into the house, that is.

Here's what happened: the cleaning lady (who was in over her head) decided to go on a joyride one morning and grabbed the keys to the empty commuter train that she was, well, cleaning. Driving one clearly wasn't as easy as she thought, because the train jumped the rails and plowed into a 3-story luxury apartment. The result is what you see above. Everyone made it alive (although the cleaning lady suffered some serious injuries), and there you have it. Someone even crazier than Lindsay Lohan.

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