Thank You For All Your Letters and Comments

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bill-swift - June 15, 2015

I appreciate all the letters and comments (brand new to Egotastic) everyone is writing, the good, the bad, the tips on things not working well which are being passed on to tech. I read every single letter. I can't respond to all of them. There have been quite a number. Which I take to mean you care, even if half of them start out 'I hate you, you horrible life ruining bastard'. I just smile and wistfully remember the letters mom used to tuck in my grade school backpack for me to find during lunch.

Keep 'em coming. Even if I can't address concerns now, it helps to create future changes. I never get exactly what I want on these upgrades in terms of user experience, as always, there are a ton of trade-offs, but I do usually get a more stable system, which helps. Someday when the nuns have finally cured me of my super lazy, I'll write a book about running a free site for ten million of my best friends. It remains my favorite thing to do. Enjoy.

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