Thank God It Was Warm Out for the Underdressed Cosplaying Women of Wondercon 2013

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bill-swift - April 2, 2013

Ah, WonderCon, that red-headed step-child of Comic Con, took place over the weekend in Anaheim, California and as expected, it brought in droves of B-class CW actors promoting their shows about vampires or superheroes or vampire superheroes. But it also brought in droves of girl cosplayers.

I was actually impressed with the costumes this year. There were some surprises. Like 'Sexy' Hellboy; 'Sexy' Sherlock Holmes; 'Sexy' Who the Hell Knows. Basically just a lot of 'Sexy'-fied fanboy characters. It was like Halloween but with girls who actually watch Doctor Who and don't pretend they're geeky just because they own a pair of chunky black eyeglasses without prescription lenses they bought at Urban Outfitters.

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