Thandie Newton: Bond Girl Vesper Lynd

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bill-swift - January 27, 2006

Last time we got into the whole Bond Girl thing, it was almost certain that Rose Byrne had the part of Vesper Lynd in the new James Bond film, Casino Royale. But we knew it was odd that only the Australian press was reporting the casting news. That's why we also wrote that British actress Thandie Newton was up for the part. Well, it looks like our gut instinct was right. Today, The Sun revealed that Thandie Newton has indeed been cast as the latest Bond Girl.

Exciting, isn't it!? No, not really. I wasn't thrilled with the choice of Daniel Craig as James Bond, and now it seems that the borderline-B-list cast will lack any and all star power. So that means this latest Bond film will have to rely almost exclusively on the actual script. Which, judging by recent Bond movies, is a risky choice at best.