TGS 2013 Highlights: PlayStation 4‘s ‘PlayRoom’ is the Coolest Waste of Time You’ll See Today (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 27, 2013

It's now law, actual law, that consoles must come pre-installed with a little ballache half-a-game or two. What new 3DS owner, for instance, doesn't have literal seconds of fun shooting at their better half's moronically grinning floating visage in Face Invaders? Or watch in wonderment as a tiny diver dicks around on their desktop via the magic of PS Vita's AR cards? Nobody, that's who.

So when PS4 strides into view, with its massive next gen gonads a-dangle and no ‘effs given, we can expect something rather special in this area. That would be the PlayRoom, a straight-from-the-box app which uses the camera and motion control and so forth to great, ridiculous effect.

Above, Sony bigwig Nicolas Doucet shows IGN this oddity in action. If you've ever wanted to play peek-a-boo in your living room with a tiny army of freakish robo-midgets (and it's a lifelong dream of ours, for sure), you'll want to take a look at this. The talk of DLC, too, suggests this might not be a half-assed tech demo you'll glance at once and then drop like a plague carrier. That would be a damn turn up for the books.