TGS 2013 Highlights: Another War-tastic Slice of Battlefield 4 Gameplay (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 27, 2013

Elsewhere at the Tokyo Game Show, there was a fine showing from the high-octane badass military shooter that isn't Call of Duty.

If you're looking for big ol' melodramatic messages popping up on your screen, Battlefield is the way to go. It kicks all kinds of ass in this regard. Whether the BOMB WAS DROPPED or, indeed, your ENEMY HAS THE BOMB, you can bet that a large portion of the screen will be dedicated to informing you of these thrilling developments.

As is clear in this gameplay from the latest installment. In the midst of that, you can see that the grand scale carnage that made a name for the series is present and correct here. Dialed up a notch with the additional oomph of the next generation, naturally.

Feast your eyes, ears and man-glands on this footage of a Battlefield 4 match, fresh from TGS.

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