Tetyana Veryovkina Amazing Booty Cheeks In Yellow Bikini In Miami

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bill-swift - February 20, 2016

Ukrainian model hottie Tetyana Veryovkina and her spectacular bikini booty made their way onto Miami Beach in a bit of an international sextstic model showdown in the high stakes game of two-piece stellar bodies along the South Florida shoreline. It is any wonder the sharks line up just off the coast this time of year? They and the gentleman oglers and every other living creature what a piece of the ridiculously alluring thumpers of ladies like Tetyana.

Miami bikini season is entering the final month of winter, when the top notch models give way for a bit to the top notch coeds who in turn give way to me drooling and slobbering and trying to mutter my name. Year round sunny beaches really are the best in terms of the visitors they attract. Sure, the annoying kid with the squirt gun. But when your head turns to catch a peep of Tetyana's squeezable double cheek goodness, all the nonsense fades away and for the one brilliant moment it's just you and that asstastic and the world become perfect. Don't forget to breathe. I mean, normally, not like a bull ready to charge. You'll scare the Ukrainian hotties. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash