Tessa Thompson Reveals New Black-Tie Suit From The Set of ‘Men in Black: International’

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brian-mcgee - October 25, 2018

Did you guys know that they're rebooting Men in Black with Thor: Ragnarok co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson? It's true. This will mark the second time that F. Gary Gray will have directed a sequel to a Barry Sonnenfeld movie following his helming of his awful, borderline unwatchable Get Shorty sequel Be Cool. That's pretty weird.

Tessa Thompson sure knows how to sex up the Men in Black attire, that's for sure. No more will we have to watch Tommy Lee Jones navigate his old man pants, and now we can ogle Tessa Thompsons thighs as she wears a pantsuit version of the classic MiB black suit.

Liam Neeson is filling out Rip Torn's formidable trousers as well as the boss this time around, and I'm sure we'll have to contend with some VPL as we did with Torn. Dude loved showing his dick on film.

Anyways, this looks like a substantially sexier version of Men in Black, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. While nowhere near as sacrosanct as Ghostbusters, some men are going to get up in arms over a woman appearing in a movie called Men in Black. Maybe they'll retitle it People in Black. You never know. They haven't announced it yet, but you should definitely get angry about it now. Time's a wastin'!

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA