Terrible Tales Of Tinder

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bill-swift - August 26, 2014

I'm an old married man that met my wife the old fashioned way: at school. But I hear about the world of online and social media dating and it sounds effing horrible. You are basically judged like cattle in some kind of sexy rodeo. Perhaps the most ridiculous app is Tinder. There is little to no info on the person. Mainly it's just pictures of people for you to judge the people superficially. But let's face it, it's an app for hook least, mainly. But you never know what will be on the other side of the door when you arrive on your date. That's what happened to the guy on this Tinder date from hell. He expected a hot redhead and instead got a beast.

Watch the reenactment of the date with a monstrous catfisher with puppets.

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