Terrell Owens Signs with the Seattle Seahawks

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bill-swift - August 8, 2012

After catching his last professional pass back in December of 2010, it looks like Terrell Owens is going to get a chance to catch a few more passes. After what must have been a good workout--where he was reported to have run a sub-4.5 40-yard dash--the Seattle Seahawks have decided to give the veteran wide out a one-year contract.

Terms of the contract are not known yet (rumored to be for right around $1 million), but it is hard to imagine that Seattle would have to pay much more than league minimum for a veteran of TO's years. While the stats would indicate he deserves much more than that the general lack of interest around the league should put all the negotiating power in the hands of the team.

Owens will likely be inserted as the No. 2 option next to Sidney Rice. This could put the job of newly signed Braylon Edwards in jeopardy. Head coach Pete Carroll could not say whether he saw Edwards fitting in with the team's plans after he was signed indicating that he will have to perform well in camp to make the final roster.

Attention will be focused on three things with Owens: his attitude, his health, and his age. His reputation for being poison in the locker room is infamous; Seattle is obviously banking on him having a greater appreciation for the game after being out for the last year.

The 'Hawks would not have signed him if they were concerned about his health. After being off for the last season he's gone through plenty of rehab. His limited playing time with the Allen Wranglers is proof that he can take a hit (although an indoor hit and an NFL-caliber one are two different things).

As for his age, while older than some of the head coaches around the league, it is not unusual for guys to play well into their 30s and even into their 40s. When it comes to his age (he turns 39 in December) will be drawn between TO and another famous workout warrior, Jerry Rice.

Rice played till he was 42. When he was 38 (and in his last season in San Francisco), he caught a respectable 75 balls for 805 yards and seven touchdowns. After leaving the 49ers he went across the Bay to Oakland to play for the Raiders where he had two more 1000+ yard season and 18 touchdowns (in three seasons).

Incidentally, the last team that Rice ever played for was the Seattle Seahawks (in 2004).

(Watch T.O. as he does some of the most memorable TD celebrations including the infamous Sharpie celebration against his new team!)

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