Terrell Owens Might Not Make the Seahawks After All

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michael-garcia - August 25, 2012

Terrell Owens is in danger of getting cut by the Seahawks, according to a training camp roundup published yesterday. The info was kind of buried in there, which seems a little odd since it would be a pretty big deal if it happened.

Eric Williams of The News Tribune in Tacoma, writes that T.O. may be up to his old tricks in the Northwest.

He has a lot to overcome. And the fact that he finished without a catch and a bad drop against Denver is just scratching the surface. He still appears to be the same T.O. who complains when things are not going his way. And Pete Carroll will not put up with that from a fifth or six receiver – see T.J. Houshmandazadeh.

I want to root for Terrell, I really do. But if he's up there pulling this stuff after being given a chance, it's hard to feel bad for the guy. His financial troubles aside, he's been saying he just wants to play, well then play.

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