‘Tekken 7’ Promises Answers, More Happy Funtimes With the Devil Gene

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chris-littlechild - July 29, 2014

Tekken, as we know, is quite the gaming stalwart. This ol' bastard has been going strong since 1994, bringing us craptastic hairstyles (that's you, right there, Paul and Heihachi) and a heaping helping of punchy violence. Two decades' worth of it.

Much of that time has been consumed by intrigue and freakin' crazy plotlines, Generally pertaining to the 'Devil Gene.' This genetic weirdery causes members of the Mishima bloodline to transform into angry winged mofos on occasion; all lasers-from-the-eyes and furious bloodlust and all of that fun stuff. It's one way to liven up a Monday morning, anyway.

The upcoming Tekken 7 will apparently bring an end to all of this melodrama. Kotaku reports that series producer Katsuo Harada was at Comic-Con, and revealed that:
"Along with divulging that the Mishima family drama will be resolved in Tekken 7, Harada also said that plot points from past Tekken games will be explained as well. He also said that Tekken 7 will be featuring the design work of seven guest artists, including Bayonetta stylist Mari Shimazaki and Yusuke Kozaki of Fire Emblem Awakening fame."

Intriguing. Looks as though the game will have quite the compelling story for series veterans. Possibly some cleavage-accentuating outfits for someone too (c'mon, Heihachi!), judging by that Bayonetta reference.

Via Kotaku.

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