Tegan Martin, Olivia Rogers, and Elora Murger Slaying The Cosmo Party Red Carpet

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aldo-vallon - February 25, 2018

To me, nothing symbolizes female empowerment quite like the assembling of an A-Team like the Holy Trinity, Cosmo, Tinder, and the color pink. These three women embody all the traits that a man could look for in a woman. If there was some way to combine them together into some sort of Megazord type creature then we might just have ourselves the perfect woman.

We could take the face from one and the body from another. I am not sure which one would have the personality that we would be looking for, but I did refer to embodying the perfect woman, the emphasis being on the body. The personality really comes secondary. There are only about five different personalities that a person can have, so there isn’t much that can take one by surprise.

There are the stock types like the everywoman, the comic relief, the leader, the bad girl, and the bitch. All of which are pretty common, so everyone should be fairly well acquainted with them, aside from the comedienne, that one is pretty rare. If you can find a girl who is capable of making people laugh, aside from just her female friends, then you should take her to the science department of your nearest university for research purposes.


Photo Credit: Splash News