TBT: Remember OG Paris Hilton’s Sizzling 2006 Stars Are Blind Music Video?

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earl-jonas - September 28, 2017


Before the reign of Kim Kardashian, there was another porn star taking Hollywood by storm, and today we stop and check out that enchantress' lasting legacy, which cumulated in her music video for Stars Are Blind. Of course the sassy starlet we're referring to is none other than Paris Hilton, who helped obliterate the line between public and private, thus paving the way for the social media success of future stars. If it wasn't for Hilton we might not know that Kylie Jenner could be pregnant with her sister's baby. Imagine that world. Not a good one.

The single Stars Are Blind signaled the years of Paris Hilton the singing sensation, and it actually climbed to the eighteenth spot on the Billboard Hot 100. In the video, Hilton can be seen writhing on the beach in between takes of a photographer capturing her perky melons, legs up to here, and flirty fun smile at a photo shoot. While sadly no one knows whatever happened to Paris Hilton, we'll always have this very 2000's memento.

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