Taylor Swift Tight Dress Highlights the MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada

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bill-swift - June 18, 2013

I get nervous just thinking about the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto each year. If MTV and Billboard provide the height of craptastic pop music here in the U.S., MuchMusic takes it possibly even one step further into stinky sound land with their award show odes to horrible sounds and the goofy looking teens who make them. Still, I have a job to do, and it is often dirty, sometimes painful, but it's still my job to suss out the sextastic wherever and whenever it appears. And, once again last night, Taylor Swiftstole the show.

Now, I know there are mixed feelings about Taylor Swift in these parts. But, for me, there's no denying that since her chest somehow got a little bigger and straighter earlier this year, Taylor has grown into all sorts of adult like hotness appearances at major media gatherings of late, including the very same MuchMusic Video Awards where she killed her competition in a skin tight dress. I'm going to say no panties as well. I have no idea. I just wanted to say (and think) that. Still quite hot. Enjoy.