Taylor Swift Is Single Again, Anybody Up for a High Maintenance Girlfriend Who Doesn’t Put Out?

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bill-swift - January 10, 2013

Nope, as much as we have a little tingly feeling for the legs and other body parts of Taylor Swift, you will not see us imagining ourselves her boyfriend, because that is one tough proposition.

Now, there are two kinds of girls who go through beaus super fast. The low-self esteem girls with daddy issues and loose morals, also known as, the girls we date. And, the girls who create tons of drama without the related intimate encounters that cause guys to momentarily forget how much they hate all that unnecessary drama part. We've no magical powers of insight here, but we're going to pin the latter on Swifty until proven otherwise.

Nevertheless, seeing Taylor peeking out of a home in Venice showing off her ever-showed off legs, we are reminded how men fall into such traps in the first place. We think with our eyes, and then move progressively southward rather than north, leading to all kinds of complications that we have to later admit we saw coming. It's not easy being XY chromosome. Enjoy.