Taylor Swift and I Should Go Dancing One Day

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bill-swift - February 19, 2014

My moves may be straight out of cabbage patch town, but I could step it up to get close to the long dancer legs of Taylor Swift, who may have cut her hair shorter, much to the delight of magazines who seem to live and die with celebrity haircuts, but has kept her toned legs nice and long, the longest in the pop diva marketplace really. You only need see Taylor up against her peers to realize she's a solid six to nine inches past the other shorty hotties we lust. It's really and truly all in the legs.

Taylor has been working out some new routines this week in Los Angeles, hitting the studio daily in her short skirts to take flight in her new moves. While it's easy to mock Taylor Swift for her personal flaws, it's much more difficult to run your index finger all the way from her heel up to her sacred Swift regions. I'm choosing to focus my energies on the latter. Enjoy.