Taylor Swift and Her New Chest Are Coming Into Their Own at Spanish Music Awards

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bill-swift - January 26, 2013

Say what you will about our supposition that country-pop diva Taylor Swift has had some work done on her chestal area, but suddenly she has a new spring in her step, a new shape to her body, and, most importantly, is suddenly wearing revealing (for her) open tops. Now, we've been in Tinsel Town long enough to know that any time a big time celeb changes wardrobe to more boobtastic friendly designer wear, she's had some work done on the puppies. Not that we have a problem with it. Though I suppose her 12-year old girl fans might rather not know about it.

Taylor was on the red carpet at some Spanish music award show and looking pretty good as she is these days, especially with her new S-shape, flashing a little bit of the long nice legs she's always had, and just looking like a million bucks. Which is pretty much what she makes, per day, though maybe more now that she has big girl boobs. Enjoy.


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