Taylor Momsen Flashes Bare (Taped) Chest in Donington!

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bill-swift - June 13, 2011

With six weeks left to go until her 18th birthday, rocker-actress Taylor Momsen took it upon herself for a little impromptu preview of her teenaged bad-girl chest, with a complete boobtastic flash onstage at Donington at the Download Festival this past evening. With the black gaffers tape covering up her not quite legal bits, the statuesque young blonde showed no hesitation in baring her punker petunias to a public gathering in the tens of thousands. Taylor Momsen is not slouching into barely legal status, she's hitting it with a running start. Enjoy.

(Big ups to 'Alex' and a bunch of other 'EgoReaders' for spotting this monumental Momsen moment.)

Photo credit: Andrew Whiton, Andrew Kendall