Taylor Momsen Makes Me Wanna Live, This Time In Clearer Full Raunch Format (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - December 1, 2010

We posted that controversial Taylor Momsen music video a little while back for Make Me Wanna Die, but despite the fact that the seventeen year old tall, leggy blonde juvenile delinquent and TV actress basically strips down to her skivvies during the beleaguered ballad, I feel like much of the delightful teenage awe and shock was lost because of the poor video quality and the fire-light effect throughout which limited what one might call 'inappropriate views'. Well, now there's a cleaned up version and I want you to watch it again. Forget the music, unless you're one of them there Pretty Reckless fans, but pay careful attention to perhaps the world's naughtiest seventeen year old rebel punk hottie celebrity, especially since Miley Cyrus and her cooter flash festival turned eighteen. Enjoy.