Taylor Momsen Packs Serious Heat on the Cover of Revolver

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bill-swift - October 14, 2010

Just when you think there's no way for seventeen year old drinking-smoking-singing-acting-flashing wunderkind Taylor Momsen to outdo herself, she's done outdone herself. This cover shot for Revolver magazine is as hot as it is unseemly. Looking past my extremely awkward and legally uncomfortable attraction to this statuesque Gossip Girl, I have to say, this is no dumb blonde. Any teen can be outrageous or controversial or daring or just plain stupid, but believe you me, Taylor Momsen is a vixen with a plan. She's taken right after her mentor in Madonna, playing the role of the seemingly out-of-control bimbo who, when the cameras are off, is reviewing plans with architects about which ocean the kitchen in her new mansion will overlook. Enjoy.

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