Taylor Marie Hill Sextastic Seduction For Victoria’s Secret

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bill-swift - December 18, 2015

Taylor Marie Hill is more than making her sextastic mark in 2015 as the freshman addition to the Victoria's Secret lineup of world class hotties in skimpy lingerie and bikinis. Just think for a second how wonderful an empire V.S. is built entirely on uber-hot women in panties. They kind of stole my business plan and my life plan in one fell swoop.

Taylor has been getting more and more play, with more and more show, in more and more V.S. catalogs and pimping hot promotions featuring her stellar brunette hotness in lace and satin and little Spandex swimsuits. You're kind of born into this level of passion inducing perfection of you're not. You can view that any way you like, but it's the truth. I try to look at the bigger picture, before obviously zooming in with magnified views of every single luscious inch of Taylor's crazy hot body. High level, low level, and every level in between, so as to memorize and virtually map her body in my mind, where the treasure hunt begins. You would not believe what X marks on my treasure map of your body, Taylor. Oh? Yeah, actually you guessed right. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret