Taylor Marie Hill Barely Covered Hottie

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michael-garcia - August 25, 2016

Victoria's Secret Angel and all around hottie Taylor Marie Hill wore very little in this spread for V Magazine. When I say she wore virtually nothing, I mean it. In one pic she's only covering her jugs with a belt and in the rest she's only wearing an arm bra. Taylor has a great rack that looks even better unencumbered by clothes. She should just walk around naked all the time. It could be her thing. I do love a good arm bra pic, especially if the girl is so well endowed as Taylor is that the breast is popping out all over the place. Then there is her booty that would drive most men mad with desire. I guess that's why they pay her the big bucks to model expensive underwear.

What I know is that Taylor naked is the stuff dreams are made of. At least my dreams are. I don't know about yours but I have a funny feeling her jugs would sneak themselves in your unconscious too. 


Photo Credit: V Magazine