Taylor Hill Red Bikini and Jet Skis

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aldo-vallon - July 27, 2017

Taylor Hill looks like a superhero in that red bikini. As with all superheroes, it leads me to wonder about her costume. Does she wear the same bikini every day, or does she have a dozen of these things hanging in her closet? And when it needs to get cleaned does she do it herself, or does she trust the professionals at the laundromat not to shrink it or fade the colors? It is for these reasons and these reasons alone that I find the concept of superheroes to be completely implausible.  

What is not implausible is the likelihood that more than one comic book artist has used her body as the template for one of their heroines. With a hard body that is sure to be even harder on crime, I long for the day a dense mugger makes the unwise decision to try and make her a victim. Hopefully, there will be a security camera nearby to capture it all on tape. I would love to see her give a scumbag his comeuppance. Maybe then the feminists will finally accept this real life wonder woman as a spokesman.

Photo Credit: Splash News