Tara Reid, Cindy Crawford, And All The Hottest Shots From The Hollywood Beauty Awards

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aldo-vallon - September 17, 2018

I have a soft place in my heart and a hard place in my pants for Tara Reid. That nasally voiced sex kitten has been saved away in my memory bank for close to two decades, and I do not see her getting kicked out anytime soon. I know she has had her share of misfortune with plastic surgery, but it is a shortlist for women in her industry who have not ran into that. And I think she should receive some credit or being so open about it. There are women out there with fish lips and cat eyes who swear on their children’s lives that they have had no work done. What they have to gain from the lie is a mystery to me because it certainly is not respect.

And then there is Cindy Crawford. Any woman known solely for her looks who can somehow remain relevant for three decades is someone who has a secret. Whether that secret is making a deal with a certain someone who lives to the south and enjoys heat is not for me to say. That does not mean it is not true, it is just that legally I cannot say it.



Photo Credit: Splash News