Tara Reid Blonde and Beaming in Hollywood

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bill-swift - May 29, 2017

For all the ups and downs of Tara Reid in her post American Pie years, she will always be that young 20-something blonde hottie to me. I'm a man stuck in time, with an imagination stuck in the nether regions of a sweet sextastic thespianic who provided so many good happy visualizations times circa 2000-2005.

Tara Reid at forty-one still catches the attention of the paparzzi with her fair haired celebrity looks and ever cheery smile. She could use more than a couple dozen cheeseburgers, but if we could ever put thirty lbs. back on her and she could ease off the libations, there's a veteran hottie in there waiting to join the Forties and Faptastic club. I'm sure of this. Though I'm horrible at math.

Tara, pull it together and we could be very happy together one distant weekend in the future. Enjoy


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News