Tampon Booze Flasks: No Need to Shove Anything Up Your Ass for a Drink

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bill-swift - July 13, 2013

It's getting harder and harder to smuggle booze in places where you're not allowed to drink. Even stuff like the Coca Cola Koozie might not cut it, especially if the dudes at the door are already familiar with your MO. They won't have trouble confiscating stuff like koozies and booze poured into milk jugs, but they might hesitate when faced with tampons.

Yes. You read that right. Tampons. As in the stick things that women use when they have their periods. Even the toughest of bouncers would hesitate grabbing these if they're in a woman's handbag, although I don't think it's very believable anymore if you're a guy and you're carrying over twenty sticks of this thing.

Good for you if you've got an obliging sister or girlfriend. Bad for you if you don't. Each tampon flask can hold about a single shot, and while that might not be much, it's definitely better than nothing.

Get It: $10

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