Tammy Hembrow Pushed Up Cleavage In Neon Pink Little Number

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aldo-vallon - November 13, 2018

People go gaga over thigh gaps, but how about some love for boob gaps. Are they unnatural? Maybe a little bit; I haven’t seen many African tribeswomen with similar looks. Are boob gaps a little jarring when you first see them? Sure, but anything that seems to defy physics is at first, like watching a magician levitate. Eventually you just make peace with never knowing the explanation, and then you learn to enjoy them.

Tammy Hembrow’s outfit looks like it is so soft if I ever got her out of it I would face quite the dilemma as to which one I rubbed my face on first. The smart choice would be to go with her since the dress will still be around after I am done, and I doubt the same could be said in regards to Tammy. But I don’t know if I could withstand the temptation.

Comparing the fabric of Tammy’s outfit to the stuff I normally wear would be like…well, it’d be like comparing Tammy to the women I normally have. Now I’m not sure which I more strongly would like to treat myself to.


Photo Credit: MEGA / Backgrid USA