Tallulah And Scout Willis Braless Coffee Run

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michael-garcia - August 24, 2016

Hottie sister duo Tallulah and Scout Willis forgot to wear bras while getting in coffee. I say they forgot but really I doubt these two even own bras. At least they never wear them. Every week or so we report on these two cavorting around with their nips erect under their shirts because they refuse to wear bras. Not that I'm trying to shame them or encourage them to wear bras. I'm all for it. These young Hollywood hotties these days hate to wear bras. It's like the bra burning days of the early 70's all over again. These two each have a glorious pair of hooters. They take after their mother Demi's legendary hall of fame ta-tas. I look forward to seeing them not in a bra for years to come.

Why don't hotties like this go to my local coffee shop? Mine is just full of internet workers like me who look like...well...me. That's no fun. 


Photo Credit: Splash