Take Your Girl To KFC For A Fancy Valentines Day Meal

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bill-swift - February 12, 2016

The Europeans are so much more sophisticated than we are in a lot of ways. They have manners and ways that make us Americans seem rough and savage in comparison. They are certainly more famous for being more romantic than us. And this service offered by some KFCs in England definitely proves that. For Valentine's Day they are offering a special fancy dinner for two. For 13 pounds you get a bucket of chicken on a silver platter, a candelabra, white linen table cloths, the whole works. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be offering this magical night here in the U.S. We are just going to have to settle for a dinner at The Waffle House instead. Shame.

I think this is a great idea. Most good places don't have any reservations left so what's a man to do? Take her to KFC, of course! And if she protests, then is she really worth keeping around? 

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