Take an In-Depth Look at the Filmography of David Lynch

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brian-mcgee - July 13, 2018

No director in American cinematic history traffics in the strange and unusual quite like David Lynch. Over at MrSkin.com, there's an article exploring the many strange and sexy scenes from Lynch's career, and it's one hell of a read.

Whether you're a Lynch fan or find yourself completely and utterly baffled by his films, it's a great overview of the way the director uses nudity and sexuality in his films, and I think you'll benefit from its content. And hey, if nothing else there's plenty of sexy pics and GIFs of such nude scenes as Naomi Watts and Laura Harring's lesbian sex scene fromĀ Mulholland Dr., Isabella Rossellini's Blue Velvet nude scenes, and much much more!

Click Here for a SKIN-depth Look at the Strange Sexuality of David Lynch's Films

And while it's not covered in this article, I really and truly recommend you check out this video clip where Lynch tells the story of meeting George Lucas with the possibility of directing Return of the Jedi...