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Nicole Neal Epic Topless Hotness Meets Ellis Cooper Epic Topless Hotness, What the Heck, It’s Mammarial Monday! (VIDEO)


Talk about a couple ridiculously underrated glamour models.

You have them in sweet super hotness from Nicole Neal, featured in this week's Nuts magazine, and Ellis Cooper, blonde hot and without any clothes up top in Zoo magazine this past month. Two incredibly fine women, two amazingly hot bodies, two inexplicably under-known names in the world of the boobtastic. Now, together, finally, in one single funbag tribute to the start of the week -- Mammarial Monday! Enjoy.

Emma Frain Plays Wii Fit Topless For the 18 and Over Gamers Among Us (VIDEO)


Earlier today we brought you the backside jiggle-fest that is the classic slice of gorgeous busty brunette Emma Frain playing Wii Fit a couple years back for Zoo magazine shaking her booty to and fro, especially fro. But, now, it's magic hour here at Egotastic! and time to see the frontal bare boobtastic version of this same video. I

t's perhaps one of the finest blends of technology and sextastic we've seen in the new millenium. And we've seen it now 137 times, so we have a good figuring on this. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Emma Glover Drops Her Top for Beautiful Topless Reveal


A young boy once asked a wise man which he preferred, Fridays or Funbags. The wise man replied 'In that choice, there is no choice.' While the young boy was interpreting the sagely advice, the wise man kicked him in his pre-pubescent nut sack and ran.

I was that young boy. And in that painful moment that I carry forward to this very day, did conceive T.G.I.F., a combination of perhaps the two greatest things in life, the end of the week of school or work or supervised community service and the precious, milky melons placed on the chests of beautiful women by Mother Nature herself as her greatest gift to man-kind.

This week we celebrate T.G.I.F. with brunette model-babe Emma Glover in her brand new Zoo pictorial. Emma is hot and alluring and topless all over, and the perfect image to kick us off into 48-hours of extreme debauchery and intermittent bouts of public urination. I recommend you do the same. Enjoy.

Jessica Davies Topless Debut for Your Wicked Hot Welsh Rarebit Bits


We have a special affection for the girls of Wales when they become old enough and bold enough to finally take their rightful place in the succession of Britty celeb glamour models, and this Welsh distinction will certainly only be increased after seeing the topless debut of 20-year old Jessica Davies in Zoo magazine.

Jessica is the kind of girl who could start hundred year wars just by promising two men that to the victor go the spoils of her delicious body. I'd hop in there for sure. I mean, there are blond bombshells and then there a blonde overwhelming the senses until you curl into a ball on the floor rocking back and forth because your body aches to mate with such a fine specimen of the opposite gender. I'm putting Jessica in that latter category just looking at myself on the floor here. Enjoy.

Be sure to check out Jessica Davies video of her first ever topless photoshoot. She's a natural!

Humpday Huzzah! Jakki Degg Returns To Topless Modeling to Bring Boobtastic Light to Our Lives


At one time, damn, over a dozen years ago, Jakki Degg was voted the best Page 3 Girl ever. That's quite an honor. That's the MVP award meets the Hall of Fame in the realm of Britty glamour models. And, then, she went into hiding. Well, not into hiding so much as an early retirement, and not the kind where you get a gold watch and everybody thanks you for your decades of service, but more like the kind where you're 21 years old and every man on the six or seven continents is crying on the inside because you've announced you're no longer going to be flashing your hooters for the cameras.

But, now, Jakki Degg is back big time in a revealing new pictorial from our friends at Zoo magazine. Now in her mid-30's, the former blonde is sporting a darker-do and a more veteran sextastic allure, but that hot body has hardly changed. It remains at boiling Kelvin degrees of melting fire.

Absence may make the heart grow fonder, what it does to other bodily organs, you'll have to keep to yourself. Welcome back, Jakki. Enjoy.

P.S. Be sure to check out the Jakki Degg topless in her sexy pictorial video for Zoo magazine.

Melissa Debling Gets Nekkid to Clean the House; We Hope This Catches On


When I was a kid, word got out on the schoolyard grapevine that one of the moms from the next school neighborhood over liked to clean her house without her clothes on. We never questioned why or asked what she looked like, we just tried desperately to get an address so we could sneak out of school and get a peek at this nekkid sight.

Finally, one day, Keeto Reins, the kid who had a moustache in sixth grade due to a combination of swarthy genetics and being held back two years due to a serious case of illiteracy got the lowdown on the prized address of the nekkid housewife. Four of us ditched school and made our way one eventful Tuesday to the premises of the home to peek into the window. The sound of a vacuum signaled that we would soon be receiving our long sought after visual treat, as each of us peered in through an alley side window pane, to get a clear shot of... a 250+ lb. woman in a fuzzy green thong (which was only visible when her ginormous cheeks turned past 60-degrees) slurping up some fuzzy bits off her carpet. We didn't ask the right questions and our minds forever are paying the price.

It's been a very long time, and countless hours of failed therapy, but I think today I am finally made whole again thanks to the less large, and far more lovely nekkid treats of Melissa Debling cleaning her house in the buff for a Zoo magazine pictorial. Oh, sure, it's not a real house, and wicked hot girls like Melissa don't spend their days tidying up, not when people are paying them to tidy-down, but, as far as cleansing the sullied 'Hot Nekkid Cleaning Housewife' folder in the folds of my grey matter, consider it purged via spectacular funbags. Enjoy.

Alice Goodwin Raven Haired and Missing All Her Clothes for Ta-Ta-Tuesday


Something about these brunettes that just makes me relive about a dozen or more grade school fantasies of my dark-haired female teachers, the ones who weighed under two bills, pulling my tight to their bosom for what I assumed was comfort, but later on learned were several attempts to smother me to death and frame it like an accident.

If blonde-haired girls are labeled as bubble-headed, than the raven-haired hotties certainly get the cliche of being mysterious and naughty and whether or not it's entirely true, I do like to believe it about Alice Goodwin, whose stunning features are on full display currently in Zoo magazine, a periodical dedicated to all things British and boobtastic. And those features are far more naughty than mysterious here on Ta-Ta-Tuesday. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out Alice's Zoo magazine video on why she loves being nekkid.)