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Rachel Williams Topless To Celebrate Her Great British Babe Contest Win

Rachel Williams Topless Goodies in ZOO Magazine 2013
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You know the land of Jolly Old English is just busting out with busty killer brunettes. But our friends at Zoo magazine decided it was time to let the voters of the island nation decide on who deserved to be the next Great British Babe through a series of rounds of voting on contestants. The winner, Rachel Williams, a nineteen year old sweet treat of a lass from Liverpool.

To celebrate, Rachel did what any glamour model with an eye on the prize would do, she poured champagne over her faptastic funbags and kicked off what I’m sure will be a decade long love affair between gentleman oglers and her fine female form. There’s something to be said for the next generation of super boobtastic hotties, and that thing is ‘Thank you, Sweet Jesus!’ Enjoy.

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Leah Francis Topless Naughty Whip and Handcuffs, Oh, Yeah, That Works

Leah Francis Topless Naughty Shoot in ZOO Magazine September 2013
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Sometimes, you just need a wicked busty blonde chewing on a riding crop to help you relax. Although, this is a very tense form of relaxation.

Leah Francis floats our boat. She could float many boats with her XXL tubular bits of chestal goodness. And the handcuffs, well now I think she’s just trying to give me some kind of cardiac situation. These ZOO magazine photos are just instant fantasy material, I mean, a step above the National Geographic mags I used to peruse as a child. Enjoy.

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Sammy Braddy Topless Bedroom Double Delights Deserve a Boobtastic Trophy

Sammy Braddy Topless Screencap Treats
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Why don’t they give out trophies for amazing and stellar funbags? Imagine all the millions of trophies given out for everything imaginable in this world, but no gold cups for the DD cups that bring so much pleasure to so many people daily around this spinning orb. Somebody needs to investigate this. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to review the candidates, nominees for most faptastic fine female bodies like Sammy Braddy, capped in this Zoo magazine behind the scenes video, undressing in her boudoir.

If I were Sammy Braddy, I’d probably spend most of my days dressing and undressing myself, in between taking long hot bubble baths and telling my roommates to ignore any strange screaming sounds they heard. My friends would probably worry about me being locked in the bathroom so often. And I’d appreciate their concern. Friends are important. But not as important as private bubble bath time when you’ve got a body like Sammy Braddy. Enjoy.

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Jessica Davies and Charlotte Spring Topless for a Wimbledon Done Edition of Mammarial Mondays

Jessica Davies and Charlotte Springer Play Tennis Topless for Zoo
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Wow, Wimbledon is finally over. If your neck isn’t sore from trying to look up the skirts of half the women’s tennis players in the world the past couple of weeks, then I question exactly what sport you’re watching? A girl from France eventually beat a girl from Germany, while a guy from England Scotland won for the first time since before WWII. That’s the news, but back to the real sport. Girl watching.

It’s a definitely a worthwhile activity in women’s tennis these days. But leave it to our friends at Zoo magazine and delicious grass court beauties Jessica Davies and Charlotte Springer to turn it into a true A-plus visual wonderment.

There’s no better way to start out the week then with the faptastic funbags of two thematically grooving young ladies with a passion for the sport of kings and gentleman oglers everywhere. Enjoy.

(Definitely watch Jessica and Charlotte behind the scenes of their topless tennis photoshoot video on ZooToday.com.)

Melissa Debling and Daisy Watts Topless Naughty Playtime

Melissa Debling and Daisy Watts Kinky Topless Shoot for Zoo
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Aristotle famously said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I only wish Ari could be here today to the wickedly hot Melissa Debling and her equally fetching topless counterpart Daisy Watts helping each other disrobe from their evening lingerie in this epic little pictorial from our friends at Zoo magazine.

Now, I’m not exactly sure when it is that men first started frothing at the mouth from the sight of two ladies getting naughty together, but I’m going to randomly guess ‘the dawn of time’. It’s never ever not worked. And it’s working overtime presently, as Melissa and Daisy carry on a tradition of feline-fun time that unlocks some magical key in the minds of men (and our Sapphic leaning female readers) and says, yes, daddy, it’s part time. Enjoy.

(Be sure to visit Zoo and check out Melissa and Daisy in their full motion topless behind the scenes video.)

Jodie Marsh Topless Tattooed Wonderments for The Naughty Crowd

Jodie Marsh Goes Nekkid for Zoo Magazine May 2013
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Count me in that crowd, most definitely. Though I will admit many of you out there are bigger Jodie Marsh fans than I, we never miss an opportunity to bring you a controversial nekkid inked up former body building boobtastic glamour model when we get the chance. I mean, it’s kind of why we exist.

Featured in the new edition of the wicked Zoo magazine, Jodie Marsh shows that the definition of a perfect body is quite broad, expansive, and like her own chest, rather ginormous. For those that love the naughty, you must lust Jodie Marsh. The rest of you can pretend you don’t while checking back several times to confirm. Enjoy.

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Leah Francis Topless Smiling Wonderments for Ta-Ta-Tuesday

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Leah Francis has a couple things I truly love. No, not the obvious two. I’m talking about her award winning smile and spectacular hands. I’m a smile and hands-man, what can I say? But if I was given a second option, yeah, okay, I’d also find time to appreciate her ridiculously full udders and and caress them ever so thoroughly with baby oil heated to a comfortably warm 120-degrees. Not that I’ve thought of that much. This new pictorial from our friends at Zoo magazine has me in something of an emotional twist.

On Tuesdays we celebrate all that is bouncy, bright, and boobtastic. So, it’s like Monday and Wednesday, but ever so slightly in the middle. Which is exactly where I long to be in relation to Leah Francis’ funbags. Enjoy.

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