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Melissa Debling and Daisy Watts Topless Naughty Playtime


Aristotle famously said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I only wish Ari could be here today to the wickedly hot Melissa Debling and her equally fetching topless counterpart Daisy Watts helping each other disrobe from their evening lingerie in this epic little pictorial from our friends at Zoo magazine.

Now, I'm not exactly sure when it is that men first started frothing at the mouth from the sight of two ladies getting naughty together, but I'm going to randomly guess 'the dawn of time'. It's never ever not worked. And it's working overtime presently, as Melissa and Daisy carry on a tradition of feline-fun time that unlocks some magical key in the minds of men (and our Sapphic leaning female readers) and says, yes, daddy, it's part time. Enjoy.

(Be sure to visit Zoo and check out Melissa and Daisy in their full motion topless behind the scenes video.)

Jodie Marsh Topless Tattooed Wonderments for The Naughty Crowd


Count me in that crowd, most definitely. Though I will admit many of you out there are bigger Jodie Marsh fans than I, we never miss an opportunity to bring you a controversial nekkid inked up former body building boobtastic glamour model when we get the chance. I mean, it's kind of why we exist.

Featured in the new edition of the wicked Zoo magazine, Jodie Marsh shows that the definition of a perfect body is quite broad, expansive, and like her own chest, rather ginormous. For those that love the naughty, you must lust Jodie Marsh. The rest of you can pretend you don't while checking back several times to confirm. Enjoy.

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Leah Francis Topless Smiling Wonderments for Ta-Ta-Tuesday


Leah Francis has a couple things I truly love. No, not the obvious two. I'm talking about her award winning smile and spectacular hands. I'm a smile and hands-man, what can I say? But if I was given a second option, yeah, okay, I'd also find time to appreciate her ridiculously full udders and and caress them ever so thoroughly with baby oil heated to a comfortably warm 120-degrees. Not that I've thought of that much. This new pictorial from our friends at Zoo magazine has me in something of an emotional twist.

On Tuesdays we celebrate all that is bouncy, bright, and boobtastic. So, it's like Monday and Wednesday, but ever so slightly in the middle. Which is exactly where I long to be in relation to Leah Francis' funbags. Enjoy.

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Mellisa Clarke Topless Drippy Popsicle Behind the Scenes of Zoo


There's no denying our lust, love, and longing for new Page 3 Idol winner and gothy hottie Mellisa Clarke. I mean, we could deny it, but the new 'I Want to Make Love to Mellissa' full sleeve tattoo would belie our denial.

Feature in the new edition of Zoo magazine, Mellisa turns the dead of winter into popsicle licking and dripping season, meaning that now our object 'd lust mixes with our female lingual fantasy in one messy pool of happiness. Just the way we like it. Enjoy.

Be sure to visit Zoo magazine to check out the Mellisa Clarke topless pictorial and video.

Humpday Huzzah! Melissa Debling Drops Top For Beautiful Blonde Reveal


You've made it this far, the center of the week, where the sins of last weekend are as far behind you as as the perversions of the next 48 hour break are in front of you. The humpday of the workweek when not one, but two humps, are the cane by which you prop up your world-weary dome, crack a smile, and let the world know that super fine funbags are your saving grace, at least in this very moment.

So, thanks to our good friends at Zoo magazine and our even finer pair of buddies attached to the delightfully delicious Melissa Debling for granting us this day our daily bosom, bare and unfettered, perfectly pert and devilishly plump, as if Mother Nature was offering up some of her finest craftsmanship for State Fair competition.

Melissa Debling's hot body may not be able to entirely rescue this world, or even perfect your own, but it's one helluva good starting point. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out Melissa Debling in her latest Zoo uncensored video.)

Melissa Debling and Jodie Gasson Topless Hotness Will Jingle Your Bells and Melt Your Snowballs (VIDEO)


Well, there's nothing like Xmas to bring out the funbags in full force, in red and white and fake-snow shaking goodness. Literally, nothing like Xmas. This is the single best time for holiday themed bare boobtastic throughout the entire year, and the British lads magazine have the peach-revealing process nearly perfected.

Our good friends at Zoo magazine have chosen Melissa Debling, Jodie Gasson, and Daisy Watts among other festive beauties to help ring in the Yuletide and give wood to Father Time. It's a cornucopia or copious skin and deliciousness and if I were Santa Claus, this is precisely what all the naughty kids would find under their tree. Lumps of hotness. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out Melissa and Jodie and friends dancing about for the Yuletide in their Zoo Christmas topless video.)

Leah Francis Topless Bodacious and Just Bouncy Perfection for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays


Sometimes, you just need a little big tits.
-- Bill Swift, on his 8th birthday

From cradle to grave, man (and our Sapphic leaning female friends) simply must have sweet funbags to survive. This is just a scientific fact. First, for nourishment, then for soothing, and finally, for being a solid dirty old man looking down tops. You can't fight nature. Nor will we today. Rather, on this Ta-Ta-Tuesday we will embrace the roundest of the mams from a ma'am named Leah Francis, a desperately curvy British glamour model who toots our horn, floats our boat, and polishes our bishop. Actually, the latter are are responsible for ourselves. Everybody must do their part.

Featured in the new edition of Zoo magazine, Leah Francis helps remind us that boobs make everything better. Who can feel angry when staring into the plump puppies of Leah Francis? Not I. Not today. Enjoy.

(**Check out the Leah Francis topless video and learn why Leah loves the smell of 'rubber' in her private space!)