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Rosie Jones Topless Photoshoot for Zoo Magazine

Rosie Jones Topless Photoshoot for Zoo Magazine June 2014
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English model and professional hot person Rosie Jones showed off her Britannic majesties for the June issue of Zoo Magazine. Rosie is very thin but has some huge funbags. We’re talking serious motorboating material here. If I had to rate her ta-tas on a scale of one to ten I’d give her an 11, like Spinal Tap but sexier. It also helps that she is seriously effing pretty. Like, strikingly so. She’s got that flirty look that makes men’s knees knock together. But she still looks approachable. She seems like the type of girl that you could have a couple of pints with at the pub and maybe have a snog in a dark corner. See all those British words I just used. I’ve watched shows on the BBC. I’m cultured.

I do enjoy the ladies of the British isles. I am drawn to their polite hotness.

Humpday Huzzah! Rachel Williams Famous Bouncing Boobtastic on Static Sextastic Display

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You may remember Rachel Williams from her rather epic seemingly never ending bouncy funbag display to celebrate the anniversary of Zoo magazine. Now, Rachel and her bodacious racktastic are back in Zoo and crawling about an indoor pool area with her bikini top not long for this world. Oh, those killer yams on Rachel. She really is one of the wonders of this world.

At the midpoint of the week we try to bring you a pair of funions so spectacular that you can ride them like a wave into the latter half of your work week. Rachel Williams blessed pair don’t just produce waves, they produce a tsunami of special happy feelings right where Mother Nature designated you a man. Or Sapphic leaning woman. One of those two. Or something else. The point is, your cockles are warm. Enjoy.

Warning: this goes on for 69 minutes and is very hard to turn off:

Joey Fisher and Leah Francis Are Madly in Teasy Topless Lust

Leah Francis and Joey Fisher Topless Photoshoot for Zoo Magazine May 2014
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Oh, sure, the true romantic feelings between busty hotties Joey Fisher and Leah Francis may be faked, but since when do we care about faked emotions? We’re men. We do that in our sleep. What is important is the crazy hot visuals of Joey and Leah in their black lingerie rolling around atop and astride one another until those tops come off. Now that’s what I call romance.

There is no greater love than that expressed between two beautiful young women while gentlemen oglers stare on in a happy stupor as in this wonderful Zoo magazine pictorial. I’m sure the classic poets used to write all about it. I didn’t read much in school. Joey, Leah, if you ever need a place to hang and ply your sextastic friendship fun time activities, just let me know. Mi casa is most definitely su casa. Bring a change of undies. Enjoy.

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Clelia Theodorou Topless Bikini Goodies Prove The Power of the Brunette

Clelia Theodorou Topless Shoot for Zoo Magazine May 2014
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Oh, how I love the Mediterranean girls. Well, Clelia Theodorou might be British by nationality and one hot glamorous model whose top doesn’t stay on for long, but I can tell a girl from the hot seas region when I see her, all over, many times, repeatedly, with my tongue hanging out.

Featured in the current issue of Zoo magazine, Clelia shows exactly what the sextastic brunettes are capable of in terms of the powers of the come hither looks. Oh, man how I would like to come hither with Clelia. I’m quite certain I could show her how I learned to neatly fold bikinis during my volunteer work in the Pac-Sun swimsuit department. I am that thorough in my training. Enjoy.

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Jessica Kingham Topless in Lingerie for Zoo Magazine

Jessica Kingham Topless in Lingerie for Zoo Magazine
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Supermodel Jessica Kingham shows off her luscious love mounds in this month’s Zoo Magazine. In this spread Jessica sports the classic combination of frilly lingerie and bare breasteses. Those two things go together like ham and cheese, Oreos and milk, and naked hot chicks and high heels, (which she also wears). Jessica is one of those classic girls next door types. I mean, she doesn’t live next door to me, but she looks like the hot girl in your high school who was also nice and would talk to you even though you were kind of a dork. She looks like the kind of girl you could take for pizza and a movie and she wouldn’t think you were a cheapskate. Maybe I’m projecting, I’m just saying that that is what her pretty face and bodacious funbags tell me. Yes, I can read a girl’s personality traits from her bosoms.

It’s a gift but it’s also kind of a curse.

Kelly Hall Has a Body to Die For, Or Live for If You Have a Chance

We’re used to seeing British beauty Kelly Hall in less clothes, but I must say she works the lingerie two pieces like nobody’s business in this killer spread in Zoo magazine. Sometimes, you do need to see a woman in skivvies before you can truly appreciate her nekkid craft. It’s like watching the chef prepare the meal. Anticipations makes everything taste that much better.

Kelly Hall, you continue to amaze and astound and provide us with boobtastic hope. I don’t care how people traditionally categories heroes and saints, you’re definitely one of mine. Or can their mighty idols cause one million men to feel vital in the span of one second? I think not. Bless you, Kelly Hall.

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Humpday Huzzah! Sammy Braddy Topless Art of Seduction

Sammy Braddy Topless in Art of Seduction Zoo Photoshoot 2014
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Well, I certainly feel seduced. Long time buxom brunette favorite Sammy Braddy is giving a lesson in the current edition of Zoo magazine on the art of alluring gentleman. You’d think it was a pretty simple art, but if that were the case, then every girl would have millions of men ogling them with extreme desire. But this is not the case. Girls like Sammy Braddy are built for visual wonderments, but they do also possess the unique ability to seduce through the camera. You’ve all seen the horribly failed amateur candids, so you know what I’m talking about on the flip side.

On Wednesdays, we celebrate the middle of the week with the middle part of some very sextastic ladies fine female forms. Sammy Braddy, seduce away. I’ve brought my cowboy hat and rain boots. I’m good to go. Huzzah!

(Check out Sammy Braddy on Zoo for more Braddy boobtastic wisdom and goodies.)

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