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Clelia Theodorou Topless Bikini Goodies Prove The Power of the Brunette


Oh, how I love the Mediterranean girls. Well, Clelia Theodorou might be British by nationality and one hot glamorous model whose top doesn't stay on for long, but I can tell a girl from the hot seas region when I see her, all over, many times, repeatedly, with my tongue hanging out.

Featured in the current issue of Zoo magazine, Clelia shows exactly what the sextastic brunettes are capable of in terms of the powers of the come hither looks. Oh, man how I would like to come hither with Clelia. I'm quite certain I could show her how I learned to neatly fold bikinis during my volunteer work in the Pac-Sun swimsuit department. I am that thorough in my training. Enjoy.

Kelly Hall Has a Body to Die For, Or Live for If You Have a Chance

We're used to seeing British beauty Kelly Hall in less clothes, but I must say she works the lingerie two pieces like nobody's business in this killer spread in Zoo magazine. Sometimes, you do need to see a woman in skivvies before you can truly appreciate her nekkid craft. It's like watching the chef prepare the meal. Anticipations makes everything taste that much better.

Kelly Hall, you continue to amaze and astound and provide us with boobtastic hope. I don't care how people traditionally categories heroes and saints, you're definitely one of mine. Or can their mighty idols cause one million men to feel vital in the span of one second? I think not. Bless you, Kelly Hall.

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Humpday Huzzah! Sammy Braddy Topless Art of Seduction


Well, I certainly feel seduced. Long time buxom brunette favorite Sammy Braddy is giving a lesson in the current edition of Zoo magazine on the art of alluring gentleman. You'd think it was a pretty simple art, but if that were the case, then every girl would have millions of men ogling them with extreme desire. But this is not the case. Girls like Sammy Braddy are built for visual wonderments, but they do also possess the unique ability to seduce through the camera. You've all seen the horribly failed amateur candids, so you know what I'm talking about on the flip side.

On Wednesdays, we celebrate the middle of the week with the middle part of some very sextastic ladies fine female forms. Sammy Braddy, seduce away. I've brought my cowboy hat and rain boots. I'm good to go. Huzzah!

(Check out Sammy Braddy on Zoo for more Braddy boobtastic wisdom and goodies.)

Humpday Huzzah! Sabine Jemeljanova Shares Her Sweet Teat Treats For Goodness Sake


When you're in love with a beautiful woman, you go it alone. Hmm, never quite understood those lyrics, until maybe now as I eyeball my object d' lust Sabine Jemeljanova flashing her glorious peaches in Zoo magazine. Maybe having a super hot girlfriend with a ridiculously hot body would actually make you an outcast in your social circle. Your buddies would rather check out your lady then ever watch a ballgame at your place. Your female friends might just disown you, and your lecherous Uncle Ray would be talking to your girl all the time about his high school football days in his attempted sexy voice. It could be ugly, and alone.

But then you get Sabine alone time and I have to think that makes up for all the troubles and pains of the day. The undressing for the making of the sexy. Maybe if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, you take an ugly girl and make her your wife. On this mid-week celebration of all things sextastic, I'll take Sabine and an early grave. Huzzah!

Emma Frain Topless Hotness Forever Fills My Mind and Warms My Soul


You know how that guy in Beautiful Mind kept seeing imaginary friends and colleagues on the street? That's how I am, only not nearly as smart, and perhaps a smidgeon less crazy. But I see all of my favorite girls everywhere I go. The longer I go without seeing their amazingly hot bodies, the more I see them at Starbuck's or at the gym or just standing in my kitchen, always buck nekkid.

I really miss Emma Frain. She's on a break from sharing her greatness I surmise. I happen to think Emma is one of the most alluring women in this entire world. What I wouldn't give to have her teaching me about sexual education as she did in her classic Zoo magazine sex issue. Her striptease in this video remains forever in my mind, causing Emma to appear in an unbuttoned blouse pretty much wherever I turn these days. Emma, please come back soon. Everybody deserves a vacation, but nobody deserves to lose your sextastic. Enjoy.

You can check out the Emma Frain sex-ed video HERE.

Clare Richards Is a Naturally Topless Talent


I like girls who look like they're having fun. There's something to be said for that. Clare Richards looks like she's having lots of fun in these captures from her new Zoo magazine video. I'm quite sure that I'm having fun watching her having fun. Especially when she's doing so by removing her top and showing off one absolutely killer rack. Even Clare's lower back tattoo seems to be reveling in its abandon.

On Thursdays, I like to think we can spend a few minutes celebrating the busty beauties that make our trains go round yet another bend, ever searching for the station. Clare Richards makes me want to be a better man, or, at least one who is more ambidextrous. Enjoy.

(If you're so inclined, or just reclined, you can see Clare in motion in this sextastic video behind the scenes of her Zoo photoshoot.)

Humpday Huzzah! Charlotte Springer and Rachel Ward Topless Pillow Fighting Faptastic


One is blonde, the other brunette. Both are faptastically blessed with funbags of glorious divination. Charlotte Springer and Rachel Ward seem to share my own lust for one another, the sweet hot and curvaceous glamour models removing their tops in Zoo magazine for one truly memorable happy girl play time pictorial.

On Wednesdays, at the very hump of the week, we celebrate the beautifully boobtastic lady humps that makes us smile from head to toe. Without alluring chest puppies, this world would be a much darker place. I shudder to think. Huzzah!