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Tess O’Reilly Topless Treats On Display in Zip

Tess O'Reilly Topless Treats in ZIP Magazine May 2013
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What can I say? I’ll always be a sucker for hot girls with oversized suckers, and I am now just talking about their lollipops. Quite amazing that this naughty cliche still works on me, but it totally does, so when I saw lovely Irish lass Tess O’Reilly lapping up her rainbow of sugary goodness in Zip magazine, I just had to share.

Tess is a girl you really ought to get to know, at least from a virtual visual perspective. She has a bright glamour modeling future based upon my investigative and predictive powers. I’m usually right about these things I can say without sounding arrogant because I’m only good at very very few things. Tess, remember her. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Jess Davies Goes Topless Supergirl to Save Your Friday

Jess Davies is a Topless Supergirl in ZIP Magazine April 2013
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Why not a little cosplay to end the week. And why not Supergirl. And why not make her hot and topless. Okay, I’m all in. As is Jess Davies in the current edition of Zip magazine, playing up the role of the kryptonite fearing lass with the powers of making you lust over her funbags. And, on a Friday afternoon, we celebrate such fleshy treats with song and dance and the offering of thanks to Mother Nature for creating such wonderful diversions.

This weekend, I don’t just want you to relax and wind down and stick a twig between your teeth and ponder stuff, I want you to have mindless, senseless fun. If not for me, do it for the lovely ladies and their delightful teats. Thank God It’s Funbags!

Summer St. Claire Topless Spring Time Goodness for Ta-Ta-Tuesday

Summer St. Claire Topless in ZIP Magazine April
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We’ve already given our unfounded theory that all girls named Summer are bound to be hot. At least, above average on the sextastic spectrum. And Summer St. Claire has been no exception to our rule.

Featured in the current edition of Zip magazine, the lawfully blonde hottie works her topless magic, providing several sneaky peeks at her perfectly formed peaks and making us wonder when the dogging days of Summer will begin. How sexy boobtastic women do inspire thoughts of recreational water sports. Enjoy.

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Clare Richards Topless Pictures Are Trying to Tell You Something

Clare Richards Topless in ZIP Magazine April 2013
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By way of introduction, Clare Richards is a ridiculously hot new brunette glamour model featured in the latest edition of Zip magazine. And she had something written across her chest that is going to make me stare at her mesmerizing body until I figure out what it says. Granted, even if she had nothing written there, I’d still be eyeball-focused in that general vicinity.

Ah, boobs, glorious boobs. They truly make you understand the ‘gift’ of sight. Enjoy.

Emily O’Hara Goes Bunny for Easter and Topless for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

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I would surely like Emily O’Hara to be my third wife. Not the first wife, the one you marry because you’re ‘in love’, which for a guy means you’re getting laid daily. What’s not to love. Nor the second wife, the high maintenance young woman you marry out of spite for the first wife you were so ‘in love’ with. But the third wife, the one you find just because you need a peaceful, low maintenance mate who gives you exactly what you need, but not everything you want. It’s smart coupling and Emily O’Hara and I would do it beautifully, with few clothes, plenty of cocktails, and cute little pet names for the naughty kinks of our preferences.

Emily did all of us a kindly favor of flashing her twin goodies in the current edition of Zip magazine, providing evidence for my own future marital fantasies, as well as reminding all of you why you can’t be content knowing the names of just ten hot women in this world, your list better contain at least a hundred, if not a thousand, if you are to be a true Egotastic! man. Happy Ta-Ta-Tuesday.

Emma Glover Slips Her Nips for Zip

Emma Glover Topless in ZIP Magazine March 2013
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Okay, technical, the delightfully hot Emma Glover is showing off far more than just nips in the current edition of Zip magazine, but far better to underpromise and overdeliver I always say. Well, my dad used to always say that, though he really only achieved the underpromising part. I’m taking it full circle, with the robust body circles of Emma Glover, a girl who if I ruled the world, would be strictly verboten from every putting on a top, public or private.

Sadly, I do not rule the world, yet, so we’ll have to limit our ogling venue to the online perusal of Emma’s playfully pert pair. But these limitations really aren’t too shabby. Enjoy.

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Sabine Jemeljanova Topless Lusty Seduction for Zip Magazine and Mammarial Mondays

Sabine Jemeljanova Lusty Topless Shoot for ZIP Magazine March 2013
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I’ve not heard of Zip magazine before, but now it may be my favorite. If you get past all the high-browed and well intentioned content, you’ll find the glorious globes of the sextastic Sabine Jemeljanova looking back at your through some artistically placed beads and other creative ways to highlight her intense allure.

Mondays happen to be the first of five days of the work week that we celebrate ridiculously hot chest puppies here on Egotastic!, and first is always best and most important, as my oldest brother reminded me when we were discussing who would ultimately inherit the ’82 Dodge Omni hatchback, some body damage. Sabine Jemeljanova is one superbly fine way to kick this mother off. Enjoy.