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‘Weeds’ and ‘True Blood’ Head Up the Hot and Topless Showings in This Week’s Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)


Just because the Olympics are heating up the small screen this week, it hasn't cut off all manly television pursuits, with a small but delightful heaping of twin topless treats courtesy of the Boob Tube Roundup of a couple of our favorite sextastic skin revealing shows, Weeds and True Blood.

In the former, Jessica Kiper performs a little topless roller-boogie with a pert and perfectly derby-formed set of funbags, while in the latter, you need to pay closer attention to see Kelly Overton bare her perfectly fine chest puppies in the latest and greatest vampire making of the sexy scene from True Blood. Enjoy.

Weeds Is Back and Hot and Naughty in the Weekly Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)


While this week's Boob Tube Roundup features yet another week of sextastic frontal making of the sexy scenes from our favorite Cinemax show, Femme Fatales, we also got the re-introduction of yet another season of the dank dark comedy Weeds on Showtime, ever featuring a countless number of babes over its many seasons, not to mention the show's lead star Mary Louise Parker who has bared her boobtastic for the cameras before.

Check out all the goodness that was on the small screen all fresh and shiny and hot in this week's Boob Tube Roundup. Enjoy.

4/20 KICKOFF PARTY: The Most Smoking Weeds Moments from Mary Louise Parker


Well, today is the day. The day gangster rappers and diehard Phish-fans, NBA ballers and Olympic swimmers, and suburban moms and downtown hipsters unite around the wampum pipe. The day that 60's-era Peaceniks hork the sticky stuff from their rebellious teenaged grandkids and politicians try to figure out whether lying or acting cool is the best way to frame their bong water indiscretions. A day when L.A. Confidential ain't just a great movie and Purple Urkle has little to do with Family Matters. It's 4/20, the annual day of unreckoning for all the stoners in Stonerville, Fah who for-aze! Arise tokers, faders, blazers, and, you know, their friends and family who work to support them.

So, while Gretchen griddles up the CHEETOS® pancakes for our non-identical twin stoner interns here, let's gather round the San Rafael High School flagpole and kick off our celebration of all things trichromal with our very favorite Mary Louise Parker as the uniquely sexy Nancy Botwin moments from the ground breaking THC-TV show Weeds. Can you guess what they are?