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Zuzanna Chyba Topless Slender Hot Naughty in Volo Magazine

Zuzanna Chyba Topless Photoshoot in Volo Magazine June 2014
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Oh, Zuzanna, don’t you cry for me. Please, allow me to cry for you.

I think you know of my lust for Polish model nekkid goodness. Now, the good folks at Volo magazine, only my new most favorite sextastic girl magazine, have completed a pictorial with Zuzanna Chyba for one stellar bit of fine female form wonderment. Just looking at Zuzanna makes me want to invent a potato dish I can bring to her mother to make her see what a thoughtful man I am. I’m like that, cunning.

Zuzanna, I can only hope we get to see you in more, more, and more photo work soon. You’re enchanting. I say that as a man of great poetry. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Volo Magazine

Fauve Milz Gets Ginger Hot in Front of the Camera For Topless VOLO Magic

Fauve Milz Topless Shoot in Volo Magazine April 2014
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Oh, gingers, how do I lust thee, let me count the ways. Okay, so maybe Fauve Milz isn’t a true ginger, but she is a savvy hair and makeup artists who decided to take a turn in front of the camera for my new favorite periodical, VOLO Magazine. And by the looks of her, well, looks, I’m going to stay this was a rather brilliant career move.

I love surprises. When those surprises are hot redheads in masks topless with ridiculously hot bodies, well, file that under one helluva surprise. Fauve Milz, you are indeed a pleasant welcome guest in my abode any time, including between the hours of 2am and 3am after the last Sports Center of the evening. Enjoy.

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Becca Goebel Nekkid Hot and In the Rain for VOLO Magazine

Becca Goebel Nekkid Shoot for Volo Magazine April 2014
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Let’s just call VOLO magazine my favorite periodical at this point. I can’t imagine that there’d actually be a magazine dedicated to the highest art form of hot nekkid women in a natural state, but there is, and I am quite bemused. Tickled really. Or, in the least, quite preoccupied.

Becca Goebel is one of those alt brunette models that makes me realize I’d give up my entirely worldly possessions to go nude bowling with. If only she’d ask. She is quite nekkid and wet out in the rain in this quite mesmerizing shoot for VOLO. Full frontal and furry and just utterly passion inducing in her simple posing with an umbrella. Oh, to be that lucky lucky metal fence. A man without dreams is hardly a man. Enjoy.

P.S. Be sure to say hello to Becca on Facebook, let her know Egotastic! sent you and that you’d like to lick her toes. Maybe not that last part.

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Anna Barendregt Topless Shoot for VOLO Leaves Me Weak in the Knees

Anna Barendregt Topless Shoot for VOLO Magazine April 2014
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When I hear anything ‘Ukraine’ in the news, I can’t help it. I just flash to thoughts of so many crazy hot typically blonde beauties who ultimately leave the nest for modeling and making smiles worldwide. It’s just the cradle of so much sextastic, I hope we are able to come to some peaceful resolution that allows its production of wicked hot ladies to continue. The world needs this now more than ever.

Case in point, Anna Barendregt featured in the new Spring edition of my very favorite VOLO magazine. VOLO seems to share my similar taste in plain straight up alluring women, something that seems to be dwindling in printed periodicals these days due to publicity pressure and corporate ownership and all. Not that I’m into crank old man status yet, but if I were, I’d still gladly let Anna Barendregt on my lawn. I’d probably even turn on the sprinklers and encourage to run around in her underwear. Even when I’m older and cranky I’m still going to be super horny. Just a wild prediction. Enjoy.

(Do be sure to check out Anna’s full pictorial and background in VOLO, she’s a keeper.)

Thank God It’s Funbags! Olga Kaminska Topless Hotness in Color and Black and White

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Oh, sweet hot Polish models, how you do slay me. On Fridays, naturally, we honor the sweet round orbs of glorious happiness that fill our pages and hearts with so much glee. And not b.s. glee like that silly TV show, I mean really happy all over man smiles. Like the kind you feel when first experiencing the bare sight of the chesty treats of Poski Olga Kaminska who is sharing her ridiculously hot racktastic in a delightful spread in Volo magazine.

The perfect puppies on Olga make me want to write a thank you letter to Mother Nature for taking the time to create such majesty. Old truly is blessed with regal beagles and sultry come hither looks to boot. It’s all working for me. Now I just need to work on my Polish. Thank God It’s Funbags!

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Inga Makarova Topless Majestic Hotness For Volo and Ogling Gentleman Everywhere

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I’ve decided that I might just have a thing for wicked hot Russian and Ukranian models with outrageously sextastic bodies who like to take their clothes off. It was a tough decision, and I did weigh both sides quite thoroughly.

Inga Makarova is just plain alluring, enticing, and all around inviting. The Ukranian up and coming model is featured quite and very topless in the new edition of Volo magazine under the headline of ‘Nude Nymphs’. Two words that individually are sweet, but together, well, a must read-see. I’m usually not one for the stylings and backdrops and artistry, but when it involves this smoking hot young lady flashing her tender bare funbags, well, the art must be served. Enjoy.

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Mai Emerald Topless Ginger Goodies on Perfect Display in Volo Magazine

Mai Emerald Topless in Volo Magazine December 2013
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I can’t tell you that Mai Emerald has naturally red hair, but a ginger indeed is a ginger in need and at eighteen years of age, this young model with the green eyes to match her name is certain to take off big time after this beautiful topless pictorial in Volo magazine this month.

Mai hales from Eugene, Oregon (Go Ducks) where I have to believe she is something of a generally eyeball followed young lady about the university town. I’m certain after her fellow Oregonians catch a glimpse of her fine female bared form, she’s going to be the toast, if not the mutual fantasy, of every man and Sapphic leaning woman in town. She’s certainly etched an indelible record in my libido filing system. Just so peachy sweet. Enjoy.