Vogue Russia

Catherine McNeil Topless Glittery Artsy, Did I Mention Topless?

Catherine MCatherine McNeil Topless And Covered In Glitter For Vogue RussiacNeil Topless And Covered In Glitter For Vogue Russia
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Sometimes you need to ask yourself, why is sweet hot Aussie model Catherine McNeil covered in glitter and colored lights, and other times you just need to answer yourself, who cares, it’s sextastic Catherine McNeil topless in Vogue. That’s how I roll. The simple answers for life’s most complicated questions.

Featured in the Russian edition of the world’s biggest fashion magazine, editors and photographers clearly felt a need to artsy up Catherine and pretend she’s not just a dream girl with faptastic funbags that belongs in every single periodical in existence in this world, not to mention Bill’s Boudoir Photos, a lifestyle magazine I publish precisely one copy of each month on my Epson then shred after viewing. Catherine, next time, you tell them to stop covering your beauty with silly costumes and bushels of glitter. Au natural, my Down Under sweetheart. This is your best side. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vogue Russia

Anja Rubik Topless in Russian Vogue (No Fooling, Right There on the Cover)

Anja Rubik Topless in Vogue Russia March 2014
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The folks in Russia don’t fool around with their high fashion or the nudity it takes to sell high fashion. Polish hottie model Anja Rubik isn’t just nipple baring and topless in her fancy duds within the pages of Vogue Russia, she’s flashing her supermodel funbags right there on the cover. No subtly there. And why would you seek to hide or disguise the blessedly slender hot female form of Anja Rubik. If you’re going to pay top dollar for the best, even if you’re pushing fashion, you’re going to toss some award winning birthday suit action into the mix.

I’m assuming our domestic magazines feel they can’t get away with the same level of reveals. L’Oreal America I guess can’t handle the ta-tas. Our loss. Clearly, our loss. Enjoy.

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