Vogue Magazine Posts:

Miranda Kerr Covered Topless for Vogue

Miranda Kerr has been branching out since parting ways with Victoria's Secret, and, oh, how we'd love to play on her branches.

The uber-sextastic model is featured in the upcoming month's Vogue U.K. wearing but a bit of a fuzzy wrap to barely cover her extraordinarily hot body that we expect to see more of now that she's left her PG-rated merchandising hub. I can only count the days and minutes until Miranda branches out permanently from her foppish husband and decides to take her most ardent luster as her next all-over-body-admirer in person. If I'm not at the top of that list, I demand an audit! Enjoy.

Izabel Goulart Covered Topless in Vogue Brazil, Revisited and Enhanced

Everybody needs a little Goulart in their life. And, sometimes, you need just a bit more.

We were floored (we literally do fall to the floor) when we saw the super sextastic Brazilian model Izabel Goulart in her home country's Vogue magazine last month, showing off her sleek, perfect model body with nary but a jacket on protecting some of her more intimate bits. Well, now we have a chance to peek at the full set of photos from that shoot, an epic array of Izabel Goulart covered topless and just about the hottest thing this side of the sun.

I'm not exactly sure how Brazil managed to secure both the World Cup and the Summer Olympics in one fell swoop, but I suspect it had something to do with showing the Selection Committees a picture book of hot Brazilian models in barely any clothes. I'm guessing Izabel Goulart was right there at the front. How could you possibly say 'no' to Goulart? Enjoy.

Kate Upton Grown Up Sextastic for Vogue Brazil

With all the rumors, misreports, and downright fakes on the Internet the past ten days or so, I can say with 100% confidence that this is actually blonde bombshell Kate Upton on the pages of Vogue Brazil. Granted, a bit touched up in post, but it's really Kate. I'm not exactly sure what's happened this past week, but Kate Upton definitely has a machine working for her now. Pretty low key, but on the spot, and they are looking out for her public image something fierce. Combine that with a public ever so desperate to see Kate nekkid (count me in that group), and you have the makings of one messed up Kate Upton week.

But, back to the real Kate, just one heck of a girl. Soon we shall see her without her clothes on, for real, it will happen. And on that day, the angels will sing in the heavens, though I won't hear it so much as my doors will all be shut and locked. Enjoy.

Katy Perry Looks Pretty Damn Hot in Vogue

Katy Cocktease is in the news today complaining about how Russell Brand was so super cold in breaking up their marriage. I'm supposing Russell probably has a different story to tell. I know with divorced couples it's like one of those TV cops show mysteries where two people who witnessed the same event saw two completely different things.

What remains more undeniable about our favorite (or most stressful) cocktease celebrity is that she shows up big for big events and pictorials. Including her current spread in the new edition of Vogue magazine, definitely rated PG, but still, the pop diva shows the tools of why she is of great interest to all of you in the first place. She's a very good looking woman. A very good looking woman who won't show us her hooters, to be precise. Alas. Enjoy.

Edita Vilkeviciute Flashing Topless Wonderment for Vogue


If there's two things people mock me for the most, it's my extensive women's magazine subscriptions and my belief that someday the world class blonde beauty Edita Vilkeviciute will agree to be my first of three short-term wives. But I have a little secret weapon in my arsenal. It's called hope. That doesn't cover the magazine subscriptions. Those I have to pay for with my Diner's Club card. But the knowledge that someday Edita will be Mrs. Egotastic! for about 17 months before our inevitably ugly divorce, that I just see in my mind's eye. The power of positive fantasizing.

My two main sources of mockery combined today as Edita appears in yet another passion-inducing photo set for Vogue France, flashing a little topless goodness and just some all-over hotness, reminding me again why I'd break my vows of bachelorhood for our one-week honeymoon exploring the steak houses of Omaha, not to mention each other. Edita, call me, now, seriously, I want a summer wedding. Enjoy.

Pamela Anderson More Sextastic Than Ever in Vogue Brazil (WTF?)

Okay, I can't say I know exactly when these photos were taken, or how much 'work' was done on them on the Mac, but Pamela Anderson looks downright sextastic in these smoking hot photos from the current edition of Vogue Brazil.

Not to say Pamela Anderson isn't a woman with a track record of some very memorable visual moments. But I'm not sure she's created anything this superfine in some time. Still, Egotastic! loves a good fantasy, once or thrice or a thousand times a day. So, we'll stop the questions now and simply enjoy.

Anja Rubik and Andreea Diaconu Topless Modeling Goodness for Vogue


Go on, laugh at me as I gather up my ladies' fashion magazines at the big street vendor shop where, yes, people laugh at me. But I wear their scorn like a badge of honor. After the tears of humiliation come the joy of seeing model hotties Anja Rubik and Andreea Diaconu flashing their bare funbags beneath the sun and for the cameras in Vogue Paris.

Apparently, ladies like to choose their fashion based upon how how the ta-ta's are of the models promoting them. In that way, I can completely relate to the female purchasing decision.

So much hotness just waiting to be exposed in women's magazines. So, keep chuckling, I'll keep ogling. Enjoy.