Vogue Magazine Posts:

Scarlett Johansson Wicked Hot With Too Much Wardrobe in Vogue Mexico

Scarlett Johansson is going out strong in 2013. Already riding her Sexiest Woman Alive title from Esquire, Scarlett is also making her mark in Vogue Mexico this final month of the year, looking all kinds of crazy hot, even if adorned in far too much wardrobe. I'm not exactly sure who decides to pay Scarlett big bucks for a photoshoot then shows up with a whole bunch of covering clothing and accessory items. I suppose it's those people we call 'women'.

No man could ever conceive of covering up Scarlett to make her look better. If the magazine were Vogue by Bill, I can assure you it would feature Scarlett nekkid in the reverse crab position trying to maneuver an obstacle course of fluffy pillows and water cannons. Maybe a honey drizzle machine as well. But, no such magazine exists. Not yet. Enjoy.

Maryna Linchuk Upscale Posing with Undressed Ladies for Vogue


I'm not exactly sure what the point is of having Russian supermodel Maryna Linchuk in some clothes while surrounding her with other topless models, but, in the face of hot girls flashing their bare chest puppies, I'm also not going to argue. Or complain. Or even threaten to cancel my subscription to Vogue Russia (I'm told it takes three years for the cancelation request to go through anyhow).

Maryna Linchuk is one smoking hot model. The idea of her hanging out with a gaggle of sextastic topless babes in dressing rooms and boudoirs and just anywhere, well, that's straight out of fantasy candyland. It's a place I'd really like to go and sample the environs with all five of my senses. Enjoy.

Gisele Bundchen Covered Topless and Skinny MILFy in Vogue Paris

Sure, there's a little shopping going on, but Gisele Bundchen looks might nekkid and fine for a mom of two little ones, a natural supermodel with a body built for exhibition. She's taking it off, almost all off (except for her damn hands) in the new edition of Vogue Paris, showing that she's still a modeling force to be reckoned with.

Even as all stories about Gisele and her famous husband point to lavish home and apartment purchases, let us never forget where the bread is truly buttered. That wicked hot body of hers. Oh, how I'd like to butter it right about now. Enjoy.

Adriana Can’t Ever Not Look Hot On the Pages of Vogue

Featured in her home country's edition of Vogue magazine this month, Adriana Lima reminds us that she simply can't take a bad photo. Not with that much talent as a starting point. Adriana gets half nekkid, you point, you click, you share. Unless your thumb gets in the way, you should have yourself one hot looking lady on the other end of that photograph.

Of course, the tricky part is getting Adriana to sign on in the first place. I should know by the piles of rejection letters. Enjoy.

Edita Vilkeviciute and Anja Rubik Topless and Grabby for Vogue Paris


My future wife just can't seem to keep her top on. Just one of the little things I lust about her so and why she will ultimately get me into many fights along the way I'm sure. But what are you going to do when you plan on marrying a Lithuanian hottie model who gets paid to be half-dressed in dressy magazines?

In today's topless adventure, Edita Vilkeviciute brought along her supermodel friend Anja Rubik to be super fashion forward by showing off their model funbags on the pages of Vogue Paris. Now, you probably don't read Vogue Paris, because you don't need to know which $400 skirt to buy for the holidays. But, you should at least peruse the photos, and maybe smell a few perfume samplers. This and a solid stout or two can make for a fine afternoon. Enjoy.

Doutzen Kroes Covers Her Nekkidness, But Not Her Hotness for Vogue

I'm a little miffed that the sextastic Doutzen Kroes covered up her true birthday suit beauty, so I'm naturally going to be writing a letter to somebody using the word 'unfair' quite a bit. At the same time, the sextastic V.S. Angel is just so alluring, just the mere act of watching her try not to show any of her fun parts in Vogue magazine is something of a funny part. At least, it's made for a fun evening activity for me here as I draw slowly on my fancy glass of three dollar Scotch.

Ultimately, I do believe that people involved in covering up women on photosets are committing some type of crime against man-ity and should be dragged away in shackles. At the same time, never ever overlook the chance for a decent ogle of a crazy hot woman. Enjoy.

Doutzen Kroes Turns Women’s Magazines Into Male Fantasy (That’s a Thing)

You know this is the time of the month when my supply of ladies magazines comes to the doorstep of my pied-à-terre and I scream like a little girl child with delight. And no greater shriek perhaps than the sight of Doutzen Kroes in Vogue magazine in a fashiony, yet undeniably sextastic pictorial that I had to leer at not twice, but thrice, to gather in the full horny majesty.

Once again, Doutzen Kroes proves she is one of the world's least well known super hot women, the reasons why remain a complete mystery. But I consider her something of a secret pleasure. Like Duck Dynasty. Only far less facial hair. Enjoy.