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Tomb Raider Goes Way Down in the Jungle Deep with New Walkthrough (VIDEO)

Lara Croft is everything but sexy in Tomb Raider

We haven’t seen much beyond the early portions of Tomb Raider as the folks promoting the game have insisted on focusing all of your attention on the fact that Lara Croft is, in fact, a survivalist-explorer now and absolutely is NOT a sex symbol. So all we get to know right now is that she’s marooned, separated from her fellow travelers and severely wounded through her abdomen. Throw all of that out because this 10 minute+ walkthrough from deeper in the game shows a much more badass Lara Croft who can actually do stuff with cool gear and refined skill. Read more… »

The Walking Dead: Surival Instinct Flashes New Gameplay Ahead of New TV Season (VIDEO)

Merle and Daryl at their best

Put me in the category of people who don’t care about how AMC decides to roll out episodes of its hit shows. An 8-episode run of season three of The Walking Dead, backed up with another 8-episode run for season four doesn’t bother me anymore than taking a mid-season “hiatus.” The shows get here when they get her and it’s all good. So ahead of the latest batch of episodes premiering Feb 10, it seems like this was the perfect time to give us another look at The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.

Merle and Daryl were together again at the end of the last “batch of episodes” even though the details of how the two of them reunited were not revealed. I’ll bet my Aunt Fanny’s four gold teeth we’re going to get a hell of a flashback in the premiere episode showcasing the Dixon boys seeing each other again. As far as Survival Instinct is concerned let’s just say this: it looks better in this trailer than it did in previous gameplay clips and the game still comes out in March. We’ll leave it at that.

Dead Space 3 Completes Journey Into Terror Series. We Celebrate. Not Really (VIDEO)

The journey continues....already

A promotional video series for a video game that’s widely available? Okaaaay, but that sounds awfully familiar. The “Journey Into Terror” series concludes just in time for you to finally get yourself together and get your  hands on the latest installment of the Dead Space franchise. Dead Space 3 is just as terrifying with extremely motivated necromorphs who will continue to chase you down even when you’ve shot off the limbs they use to do that chasing. Missing legs and arms and other limbs is one of the hallmarks of the franchise and the gift that keeps on giving. Throw in co-operative gameplay with you and a buddy, plus new weapon customization and  you’ve got a lot of top notch survival horror on your hands.

Tomb Raider is About Exploration Not Just Survival Apparently (VIDEO)

Finding your way around will always be important

Lara Croft is anything EVERYTHING but a sex symbol in the upcoming reboot of Tomb Raider. Don’t look at her that way and, in the name of Suzanne Somers, don’t think of her that way. Lara is all about survival this time. Survival and exploration, actually. Sex symbols are not about surviving –for a rough comparison here’s a list of dead centerfolds– and they damn sure don’t do exploration –you ever seen a Bond girl ask for directions? Read more… »

Aliens: Colonial Marines Offer Extended Badassery in Contact Trailer (VIDEO)

You can always construct them to death

It’s taken a ridiculous amount of time for Aliens: Colonial Marines to make it to home consoles and now the wait to slay acid-blooded, snarling, slobber-mouthed aliens is nearly over. The space marine archetype was burned into our sci-fi consciousness with the 1987 James Cameron movie and through the years we’ve seen franchises like Halo and Starship Troopers snack happily on that buffet. Now that the space marines concept is coming home, so to speak, via video game based on the movie that popularized ‘em there’s tremendous pressure to be great.

If the trailers are any indication, Aliens: Colonial Marines should do just fine when it lands on PS3 and Xbox 360 on February 12. This extended cut of the “Contact” trailer takes the artistic approach in showcasing the face-to-face struggle between the colonial marines and the xenomorphs. The sound effects –like we’re used to hearing in Star Wars games– are authentic, top notch and just the way you remember.

Dead Space 3 Continues Its Journey Into Terror Series Despite Game’s Wide Availability (VIDEO)

Still at it after all of these weeks? Yup.

You can get Dead Space 3 in your hands for just the price of a trip over to your favorite video game retail outlet and the money said retail outlet is going to charge you for the game. So why should you still be interested in a prelaunch video series on Dead Space 3 intended to hype you up and compel you to purchase said game? Because it’s all good if you’re into Dead Space, that’s why.

In this installment of “A Journey Into Terror” you’ll get to see plenty of sliced and diced necromorphs using various conventional and customized weapons in the game. Slicing limbs off of advancing critters and watching them continue to struggle towards our hero is really a defining characteristic of the franchise. Some shooter franchises focus on authentic gun sounds while others make your character feel like super soldier. Dead Space has you dismembering enemies that don’t care about being dismembered since all they want to do is eat you. Limb slicing weapons make all the difference here. Check in with “A Journey Into Terror” and get all excited.


Assassin’s Creed III Re-Revolutionizes with Tyranny of King George DLC (VIDEO)

Another King George might have to go

The folks behind Assassin’s Creed III are treating the Tyranny of King George Washington downloadable content pack like it’s an entirely new game; a sort of semi-sequel to October’s blockbuster. In this re-imagining of the already re-imagined story of half British half Native American hero Connor, George Washington has become precisely what his fellow Founder feared most: a tyrannical monarch. In the DLC pack things are so intense Connor isn’t even Connor anymore, taking to this adventure under his original Mohawk name, Ratonhnhaketon. That name is so serious and unpronounceable that you won’t even miss the accents and colon that are supposed to be in there. Read more… »