Victoria's Secret Posts:

Mathilde Frachon Covered Topless and Bootylicious for Victoria’s Secret

It has been two years since we've seen Mathilde Frachon in these here parts. When we first met her, it was like a new star appeared in the sky. Then, she disappeared. Presumably to make the men of her small French village uncomfortable in their trousers as she collected water from the well each day. But, now, she's back, with an asstastic and hot bodied covered topless vengeance in a brand new Victoria's Secret catalog promo.

If you don't feel like buying panties after seeing them on Mathilde, you just have a cold heart toward silky lacy little nothings on ridiculously hot women. Mathilde has simply one of the most sextastic lingerie modeling forms in the business. You throw in her hot blonde appeal, and you have the makings of one explosive V.S. photoshoot. I'll leave it to you to interpret the explosive part. Oh, Mathilde, you are one finer looking lady. Enjoy.

Britt Maren Bikini Pictures Scorching Hot in St. Bart’s

Well, well, well, what do we have here. Another supremely hot swimsuit model in the Victoria's Secret arsenal during the lingerie and bikini company's big fall photo shoot down in St. Bart's. Britt Maren, a Yankee, and she has some crazy amount of sextastic shooting off of her like an electromagnetic pulse making everything within several ogling miles all tingly and dysfunctional for up to several minutes.

It's no surprise that Victoria's Secret digs deep and wide to find the hottest women in the world to model their wares. I suppose it's somewhat reassuring to know that just as soon as they lose one, there is another ridiculously smoking hot lady to take her place. More is always better. And I'd sure love to see more of Britt Maren. Welcome to Egotastic! Enjoy.

Monika Jagaciak and Other Hotties Assemble in St. Barts for Victoria’s Secret Swimwear Shoots

It might be winter in your climes, but bikini and swimwear catalog shooting season is just gearing up, prominently shot between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day in the tropical environs of places like St. Barts, Victoria's Secret and other bikini purveyors begin shooting their summer fashions while it's just turning cold in the Northern Hemisphere.

Super sextastic babes like Monika Jagaciak and a bevy of other bathing beauties are called to the Caribbean like swallows to Capistrano to display their bodily wonderments in the hopes of ultimate selling million of women's swimsuits.  I suppose it's working as I'm already on hold to buy a few myself for my shame closet. Hot women, body hugging tiny bathing suits. It's a formula that will work forever. Enjoy.

Shanina Shaik Bootyful for Victoria’s Secret Lingerie

Shanina Shaik really and truly is one underrated hottie. The Arabic-Lithuanian mix of multicultural sextastic from Down Under has an exotic glow, an amazingly hot body, and a come hither appeal that is downright entrancing. Throw in some little soft bras and panties to the mix and you have the makings of one memorable Victoria's Secret lingerie shoots.

Someday, when I run my own lingerie line, Touched, By Bill, I will hire Shanina to be one of my fashion models, to strut down the runway in my largely crotchless collection, and show the world my creative stitching genius. I'll also make sure to have a lot of that insurance you can buy in case you accidentally get too grabby one day at work. You know, in case Shanina gets grabby with me. Enjoy.

Candice Swanepoel Sports, Stretchy, Bra Top Goodness

Candice Swanepoel is a rather flexible gal. Flexible super fine and uber-sextastic. I bet her workouts are tremendous. I mean to watch, naturally, from about five feet away while sipping a cold one in a beach chair and encouraging her to stretch harder. That's the dream.

Not only is Candice showing off her bodily talents in this month's Victoria's Secret catalog, she hit one of the stores with fellow hottie Alessandra Ambrosio to pimp the shizz out of the sports bras that made their chests look so snug and secure during workouts.

I wish I could have been at that particular store buying floor samples as oppose to the V.S. store yesterday where the security guard asked me seven times if I was waiting for somebody. Indeed, good sir, I am waiting for somebody. Her name is, Next Hottie Coming Out of the Changing Room in a Camisole. Now, leave me to my recreations. Enjoy.

Barbara Palvin Crazy Lingerie Hot for Victoria’s Secret

While Victoria's Secret suffered a big blow with the loss of Miranda Kerr earlier this year from their roster, they've not suffered in the searching for the next big lingerie thing department. Wicked hot Hungarian women like Barbara Palvin can certainly help you get over your last breakup. In her new shoot for V.S. for their October catalog, Barbara shows not only why she's quite possibly the hottest woman in the world with her same first name, but also some of the innate bodily talents we saw from Miranda over the years during her angelic turn.

Yes, there's no such thing as replacing Miranda Kerr. But, yes, there is such a thing as the short-attention span of most men (and our Sapphic leaning ladies) that allows us to say, 'Yes, Barbara, I'm over my tears, now let's make sweet love in a vat of sticky honey.' This is how we abide. Enjoy.

Gracie Carvalho Delivers Brazilian Heat to the Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Lineup

Not that Victoria's Secret is lacking depth on its roster, and not that Brazil isn't a mainstay of modeling talent already for the mega-lingerie merchandisers, but it's nice to see a fresh face, not to mention wicked covered topless body, every now and then.

Like ridiculously sultry alluring Gracie Carvalho modeling lingerie and some other assorted light items sold by V.S with the hope of the buyers that they will look half as sweet as Gracie when donning the same wardrobe. If by chance you do know any women that are at least half as hot, please, give them my number. Enjoy.