Venice International Film Festival

Dakota Fanning Grown Up and Sideboob-Some at Venice Film Festival

Talk about getting all grow’d up. The 70th Annual Venice Film Festival is one big coming out party for Dakota Fanning. The 19-year-old pale hippy chick got herself and her tiny frame all dolled up for the big Euro-film event and looked like a million bucks. Or maybe a million lira, though I think that’s only like eleven dollars, so probably the former.

Included in Dakota’s ensemble (fashion term alert!) was a deep cleave and sort of sideboob revealing dress. If she were a buxom gal, no way she gets way with this. But for those of you Dakota Fanning small natural top fans, this is a little glimpse of heaven. Enjoy.

Spring Breakers Venice Photocall Sees Vanessa, Ashley, Rachel, and Selena In Clothes (But Still Super Hot!)

We’ve not really seen this Faptastic Foursome from Spring Breakers in clothing before, but when the bikini girls get dolled up for their movie promotional event at the Venice Film Festival, well, they all still look more than desirable and delicious.

Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Rachel Korine, like four hot dolls on the red carpet, with the tease of good things to come in their now highly anticipated film release this winter. Really and truly this is one of the roughest cinematic pre-release teases we can ever remember. And speaking of pre-release… enjoy.

Maika Monroe and Madisen Beaty Drop Some Teen Hotness at the Venice Film Fesitval

In case you don’t keep track of your ’round the world big time red carpet dress up film festivals, this weekend was the Venice Film Festival, mixing a blend of stars from European films you will likely never see with American celebrities from foreign produced English language films you will probably never see. But it is one helluva reason to see some world-class thespianic hotties get all dolled up. And while there were numerous contenders for stealing the red carpet thunder, we thought two newcomers, late teens Maika Monroe and Madisen Beaty stole the show.

Maika stars alongside Zac Efron in the pimped out film At Any Price, and she looked all kinds of hot over the entire weekend of red carpet promotions, including the big day on Sunday. We’ve not seen much from the 18-year old California chick before, and it’s hard to get yourself photographed while all Euro-pap eyes and tongues wag at boy toy Zac, but Maika more than made a name for herself and we can’t wait to see more of her, much more. The same goes for Madisen Beaty, who was at the same event, looking all grown up for her years, and soon set to be featured in the upcoming P.T. Anderson film, The Master, which will be rather controversial because of its fictionalized account of the rise of Scientology, though we’ll mostly be checking out Madisen.

Two new hotties for you to chew on. Or, you know, chew on. Enjoy.

Kate Hudson Looks Good Enough to Make More Rock and Roll Babies With

I’m pretty sure Kate Hudson is on her eleventh child by her eighth rock star at this point, but, who cares, she’s looking rather hot again at the Venice Film Festival, and if I were a man who made millions of dollars by way of a metal guitar and some wicked long hair, I’d be getting in there too for a little progeny time myself.

But you do have to wait turns. She only picks a new band member every eighteen months with which to mate. Enjoy.