Vanity Fair

Charlotte McKinney Big Busty Swimsuit Boobtastic, Oh My

Charlotte McKinney is rocketing to sextastic stardom about as fast as any woman can with the jugs of bodaciousness fronting her fine female form. While we’ve been tracking Charlotte on our hottie radar for a while now, it’s only really been since this year’s Super Bowl that the world has known of her visual wonderment existence. Four short months ago. And now she and her ripe melons are just about everywhere. What a lovely turn of events.

Charlotte and her tingle inducing chestal goodness are on epic display in Vanity Fair this month, because, well, because they sell copies. They sell everything in fact. Mostly they sell Charlotte as a legitimate contender to the blonde bombshell throne. So many seek it, only one can occupy it at any given time. Or, you know, Charlotte, you could always sit on my lap. Think of me as Santa, but with a sordid past of indecency so like a mall Santa. I’m so in lust with Charlotte, I feel a song coming on. Also, the PIN number to my bank account. Such is the power of the swollen goodness. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

Jennifer Lawrence Naked With a Boa and Other Naked Celeb Animal Lovers

Vanity Fair pulled out this hot photo of Jennifer Lawrence that I believe was taken last year, when Jennifer was more likely to be naked and covered in reptiles, than this year, when I think she’s given up naked photos with boa constrictors. Perhaps she’s allow a human stand-in? Just saying.

Either way, in a run up to the Oscars, Vanity Fair published this wicked hot visual wonderment of Jennifer stark nekkid though sadly on her tummy side, with this enormous snake running up her backside. You can read any bit of symbolism into this you want. I just take it to mean I have stiff competition. The photo itself reminded us of so many of the exhibitionist PETA ads featuring not quite nekkid sextastic celebrities trying to save the skins of our fellow creatures great and small. There’s no reason you can’t be cause oriented and not all titillating. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair/Egotastic Archives

Heidi Klum Deep Deep Cleavage Steals the Show at Elton John’s Oscar After-Party

Second only to the Vanity Fair Oscar-Party each year, Elton John can draw some serious female tail to his swank post-Academy Awards, including convincing Heidi Klum to come party in a plunging neckline that had us plunging even deeper than that on sight of the German model’s MILFtastic chest ensembles.

So powerful was Heidi’s cleavage last night that she literally and figuratively towered over the other guests, some of whom, such as Miley Cyrus, Olivia Munn, Britney Spears, and Nicki Minaj, definitely deserve a nod from the oglers of their own, but none shined quite as bright as the golden clad Project Runway star. The Kardashian sisters looked like short fat trollops in comparison, or, not even by comparison.

Congratulations to Heidi Klum. We honor you with our bald upright statutes this morning. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens Jet to L.A. to Steal the Vanity Fair Post-Oscar Party

I’m not exactly sure how Selena Gomez got to be six feet tall last night at the Vanity Fair Oscar After-Party, and I could care less. Even on the heels of disappointing news that Selena will not be topless in the upcoming Spring Breakers, the Latina diva still stole the show, along with cohort Vanessa Hudgens, both of whom could have only landed hours before this party on their return from a week long European promotion of their bikini flick. Throw in the likes of Rashida Jones, Oliva Munn, Kate Beckinsale, and Miranda Kerr, and you had once again the single best after-party of the year, certainly the finest looking one.

While reviews of last night’s Academy Awards were mixed (I kind of liked some of part of the stuff I remained awake through), when the hotties came out to mix with the actual Oscar nominated talent, things started to get really interesting. Enjoy.

Debby Ryan Cleavage Show for Vanity Fair Event Explains All of Your Letters

We get so many requests from all of you to show more of 19-year old Disney machine starlet Debby Ryan, and we’ve always understood her natural good looks and youthful allure, but the fact is, she’s not been much of a shower, but she does appear now to finally be growing into her role as more mature starlet, including a flash of her very healthy cleavage at the Vanity Fair Campaign event in Los Angeles.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you go around staring at young women’s bosoms to see who or who is not growing up nicely. That’s our job. And we’ll bring the best of the buxom to you at your desk. We all have our parts to play. Enjoy.

Minka Kelly Nipple Pokes Make Us Fall in Love All Over Again With Minka Kelly

While Minka Kelly remains on our Top 10 list of Hollywood’s most boring celebrities, let’s be real. Dudes don’t really ever call hot women boring, it’s sort of a distinction without importance to the male brain when they’re on a mission, and it’s not something we’re thinking about at the moment as we peruse, leer, and otherwise charcoal sketch the site of her full headlights busting through her dress at the Vanities Calendar event in Los Angeles.

So powerful were Minka’s nipples that we barely noticed Olivia Munn at the same event, and that’s saying something. It’s all fun and games, Minka, until somebody loses an eye. Enjoy.

Jessica Chastain Barely Covers Her Boobtastic for Vanity Fair

Jessica Chastain broke out in a big way in her movie career last year topped off with all those award noms for her role in The Help.

Now, she’s breaking out even bigger with a barely covered topless and memorable photos for her cover story in the September issue of Vanity Fair and since we couldn’t bring ourselves to see The Help, well, we’re damn glad we’ve got the perfect chance to see the underrated hotness of Jessica Chastain in a more male-friendly manner, even if on the cover of a women’s magazine.

Hand bras giveth and hand bras taketh away, but today, we’re still quite pleased to see a nice hint of Jessica’s glorious thespianic melons. Enjoy.