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Heidi Klum Deep Deep Cleavage Steals the Show at Elton John’s Oscar After-Party

Second only to the Vanity Fair Oscar-Party each year, Elton John can draw some serious female tail to his swank post-Academy Awards, including convincing Heidi Klum to come party in a plunging neckline that had us plunging even deeper than that on sight of the German model's MILFtastic chest ensembles.

So powerful was Heidi's cleavage last night that she literally and figuratively towered over the other guests, some of whom, such as Miley Cyrus, Olivia Munn, Britney Spears, and Nicki Minaj, definitely deserve a nod from the oglers of their own, but none shined quite as bright as the golden clad Project Runway star. The Kardashian sisters looked like short fat trollops in comparison, or, not even by comparison.

Congratulations to Heidi Klum. We honor you with our bald upright statutes this morning. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens Jet to L.A. to Steal the Vanity Fair Post-Oscar Party

I'm not exactly sure how Selena Gomez got to be six feet tall last night at the Vanity Fair Oscar After-Party, and I could care less. Even on the heels of disappointing news that Selena will not be topless in the upcoming Spring Breakers, the Latina diva still stole the show, along with cohort Vanessa Hudgens, both of whom could have only landed hours before this party on their return from a week long European promotion of their bikini flick. Throw in the likes of Rashida Jones, Oliva Munn, Kate Beckinsale, and Miranda Kerr, and you had once again the single best after-party of the year, certainly the finest looking one.

While reviews of last night's Academy Awards were mixed (I kind of liked some of part of the stuff I remained awake through), when the hotties came out to mix with the actual Oscar nominated talent, things started to get really interesting. Enjoy.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Nicole Trunfio, and Ivanka Trump Sexy Up the Vanity Fair Party at the Tribeca Film Festival

Now, color me geo-clueless, but on my way last evening to the Tribeca Film Festival, I somehow got my wires crossed and ended up in an adult cinema on the Lower West Side, and three hours and thirty-seven dollar later after recognizing my boner, err, mistake, I had already missed the Vanity Fair party at the Film Festival which brought out a whole gaggle of hotties showing off their wares.

Thankfully, we got photos. Including Catherine Zeta-Jones, who we see little of these days, but always looks smashing as they say when she comes out to play, Aussie model Nicole Trunfio showing sextastic legs up the wazoo, or very nearly up to her wazoo, Ivanka Trump, who's pretty hot and very rich, so we lust her, Leelee Sobieski who is ever busty and sweet, V.S. model hottie Jessica White, and barely legal Dakota Fanning make her way into the adult world of  evening dress-up that we could not really miss sharing. Quite a party, and you didn't have to keep putting in quarters to keep it going like at my theater. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Topless and Exposed in Vanity Fair



I'll say this for Lady Gaga... actually, not sure what to say any longer. The $100M costume and pop music monster known as Gaga is just one of those phenomena completely foreign to man-kind. Sure, we get why the NBA generates four billion dollars in cash each year, and we get why guys throw large rolls of Benjamins in the air to make it rain in the champagne room at the marquee strip clubs, but why Gaga is becoming the master of time, space, and moolah, we don't get.

But what we do get, and must begrudgingly respect, Lady Gaga is not scared to flash her body, anywhere, any place, once again baring her lean form in this upcoming edition of Vanity Fair. Love her or leave her, there's no way not to look at a topless Gaga. Enjoy.

Scarlett Johansson Rekindles The Flames of Lust in Vanity Fair (VIDEO)

It's been a big month for Scarlett Johansson. Filming The Avengers (which we will be most definitely seeing). Working with the Feds to take down the Internet hacker who leaked the nekkid photos she was emailing to loved ones. And conducting an interview in Vanity Fair magazine talking about how she's above it all (which strikes heavily of a public relations crafted message, but, so be it).

None of this matters as much as the fact that the incredibly hot ScarJo also put on a pictorial display of her genetic awesomeness, granted, a bit high-fashion and dressy, but enough of the famous boobtastic and smile to make me really thankful she ever decided to pop a couple glasses of wine and take some photos of herself sans clothing. Enjoy.

Check Out Scarlett in Her Vanity Fair Photoshoot Behind the Scenes Video »

Sofia Vergara Sexes Up Vanity Fair With Her Luscious Mami’s

Sofia Vergara is having one of those months again where she insists that you think of absolutely nothing but making the sexy with the buxom Colombian actress. I mean, I usually do this without much prompting anyhow, but, this time, she's really making it impossible not to stand at full attention for her charms.

In the same week where Sofia Vergara just about stole another red carpet, this time for the Emmy Awards, the Modern Family star took to the pages of Vanity Fair for a pictorial that only be described as en fuego. It just never seems to end with this boobtastic sultry thespianic. Enjoy.

Zahia Dehar Artsy Dazzling Sexy in Vanity Fair

Our fast becoming a great new friend and French teen ingenue, Zahia Dehar, continues to be caught up in the underaged-sex-for-hire-by-famous-soccer-stars scandals, but that has not deterred the young lady from finding her place in the sun, the naturally alluring bodacious beauty took to the pages of Vanity Fair Italy, in a typically artsy, but sexy photoshoot by shutterbug Alix Malka. I'm not sure why I find such affinity with Zahia, perhaps it's because of my own sob stories as an under-appreciated and completely un-hired seller of my own body, or maybe it's just because she's a super hot naughty young blonde with an amazing body (I'd go with the latter if I were a betting man), but I'm looking forward to bigger and better things with Zahia Dehar.

Stay tuned to Egotastic! for upcoming future Zahia Dehar exclusives. Enjoy.