Vanity Fair Magazine

Scarlett Johansson Cleavetastic in Vanity Fair Extra

I believe the original Scarlett Johansson shoot was for Vanity Fair in May. But, as with all good things coming to those who wait, some additional photos from the same shoot have cleavy-leaked their way out, including some of Scarlett’s infamously famous bodacious boobtastic that makes me wonder just how even more monumental future mommy can get as she passes through her various gestational phases. I’d like to see some nekkid pregnancy photos for a more thorough examination. I just sent her my email request for such. I can’t wait for her response.

Scarlett, I have a feeling MILFhood is only going to make you look even finer. I shall put aside my concerns and dwell in your ample bosom warmly and snugly until just such a time. Enjoy.

Margot Robbie Leggy Hot in Vanity Fair

I do so lust Margot Robbie. I can’t imagine anybody saw The Wolf of Wall Street doesn’t feel the same. Naturally, she is somewhat more enticing with her clothes off making the sexy and flashing her stellar body. But I know I’m in deep lust when I’m ogling her on the pages of a woman’s magazine showing off her legs in some stuff meant for the ladies. Strong enough for a woman, but perhaps meant for a man.

On the pages of Vanity Fair this month, Margot shows off a bit of why her star is rising fast in Hollywood who is forever searching for their next femme fatale and/or actress willing to flash her ta-ta’s in movies for grownups. Margot fits the bill and then some. I’m excited about her next project. Heck, I’m excited just to fall asleep tonight and dream about her and I working together on my smaller budget film, Midnight in Bill’s Apartment. That film is not yet rated. Bless you, Margot Robbie. Enjoy.

Alison Brie Comes Out to Play in Vanity Fair

Alison Brie Hot in Vanity Fair Magazine June 2014
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Alison Brie rarely makes a photographic appearance in any alluring form, this despite having that girl from the schul next door type of alluring quality that make so many men want to virtually date her. Or at least, get to the end of the third date quickly where you make those sad kitten eyes and pretend it’s not all about sex. Anyhow, whether it be on Community or Mad Men, Alison has built up a small army of lust heads who rarely get open opportunity to ogle her in her revealing lady form.

Appearing in this month’s Vanity Fair, the rather discreet Alison Brie gives at least a little something something for the silent majority of happy pants fap-timers to take with them into their libidinal vaults for another three months of strenuous activity. I guess there’s something to be said for the demure girl who doesn’t show too much, and that thing would be, Please show more! Enjoy.

Scarlett Johansson Bosomy Hotness for Vanity Fair

I was reading recently somewhere where Scarlett Johansson says she really doesn’t like the nickname, ScarJo. Which is fair enough, you don’t really get to pick your nicknames, and if she doesn’t like that abbreviated moniker, she could go with the one I’ve picked out for her: Super Wicked Hot Cleavetastic Bouncy Fun Time Girl. Though ScarJo is quicker to type and easier to remember.

Featured in the new edition of Vanity Fair magazine, Scarlett looks all kinds of mature and elegant and most importantly, boobtastic and giving of her bosom in these pictures for the ladies. There’s something about a girl who can look incredible in a skin tight body suit for The Avengers then turn around and raise many happy parts whilst posing in designer pieces in upscale magazines. I really do think I love her. I suppose she’s off the market for at least a little while until celebrity marriage length of service terms kick in, along with MILF processing time. But I suspect she’ll be even hotter then, if possible. Enjoy.

Amber Heard Breaks My Heart By Going Straight, But Still Wicked Hot in Vanity Fair

I make no bones about it. While it did cut off my particular pathway to Amber Heard loving, I really did lust Amber as my favorite lesbionic, her Sapphic scissor kissing girlfriends the key to so many fun time dreams about the actress and model over the past many years. Now, she’s gone straight, going to marry Johnny Depp or something silly like that, and, well, I’m kind of disappointed. I wouldn’t say she owed me so much as I would say she owed all of us.

Still, there’s no denying Amber Heard is one smoking hot woman. Featured in the current edition of Vanity Fair in no much more than her sheer bra, Amber reminds us why it is so many women as well as men have drooled over her sextastic. She really is one helluva good looking woman. I guess Team Man got her back into the fold, but I can’t help so much was lost in that trade. Enjoy.

Victoria Beckham Looks Pensive and Mildly Self-Pleasured in Her Lingerie for Vanity Fair

I wouldn’t go so far as to say she’s smiling. But former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham sure looks to be quietly enjoying herself in her lingerie in this semi-erotic pictorial for Vanity Fair Italy.

It’s rare that we ever see any sign of emotion from this rather stoic skinny hot mom, so seeing her bite on a knuckle is something of a treat. Especially so in her black bra and panties to remind other women that just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be feminine and sexy. Having a hundred mill and five nannies does help, still, ladies, step into some black lace and start biting your fingers and let the devil have his due. Enjoy.

Laetitia Casta Mature Hot See-Through Goodies in Vanity Fair

I can’t believe it’s been fifteen years since French super hottie Laetitia Casta was showing off as a late teen ingenue for Victoria’s Secret. Time flies I guess when you’re super sextastic. Laetitia is all grown up now and maturely still passion inducing as ever. Of course, many of her European shoots like this pictorial in Vanity Fair France magazine feel obliged to obscure her hot body with artistic layers that make little to no sense to my savage brain.

Still, with a woman as smoking hot as Laetitia, even a lead-lined burqa can’t conceal her female powers of attraction. She’s super nova. Just, please, next time, Laetitia, just drop your robe and tell the photographer to skip the eight hours of setup and just start shooting. Trust me, it’l be great. Enjoy.