Valerie Van Der Graaf

Valerie van der Graaf Holy Sextastic In Lingerie Will Make You Feel Happy All Over

It’s been pretty much forever since we’ve seen this young crazy hot Dutch model around these parts. Talk about returning with a bang rather than a whimper. Albeit, that’s her bang. I am most definitely whimpering as I peruse these Tyler Kendall lingerie shots of Valerie van der Graaf, a Flemish sextastic of the highest order.

I’m not always a fan of black and white, but if you’ve got the genetic chops to pull it off, oh, man, it works so well. I’m preparing up to seventeen love letters to Valerie as we speak. Some will be emails, other traditionally written on stationery and mailed, and a few will be visible only from the skies in land-sculpture I create above the North Sea dikes. So moved am I to get up off the couch. Valerie, I will work hard for you. Please, don’t change a thing. Enjoy.

Valerie Van Der Graaf Does Hottie Costumes Straight Out of Our Fantasies

Well, hello Dutch hottie. Talk about wanting to put your finger in the dike,

Dutch model Valerie van der Graaf and her sextastic summer costume shoot for Wildfox makes me think there’s going to be an even greater tide to try and hold back. We love a supremely hot girl, but when you start putting her in showy little fantasy costumes, well, the love turns to lust which quickly turns to uncontrolled fits of passion and stupid outcomes like the random marriage proposal I’m firing off to Valerie now.

I hope her family will accept one one pig, one sheep, and one cow in payment as it the custom of my ancestors. Oh, that naughty nurse. I might even throw in a chicken. Enjoy.