US Open

Maria Sharapova Tennis Hotness At 2014 US Open In NYC

It’s US Open week here in New York City and Maria Sharapova leads the pack in being hot as F. The champion babe was looking seriously sexy in her tennis outfit. The top had a plunging neckline which showed off her perfect knockers with every lunge and serve. The shirt is practically just a sports bra. Her shorts were also very…er…short. They displayed her muscular, toned legs. Maria’s booty also looked amazing in those shorts. You’ve got to love women’s tennis. You have invariably sexy women wearing skimpy skirts and shorts making grunting sex noises with every hit and sweating like they are doing the no pants dance. I know I always enjoy watching people like Maria dive for balls in a pair of bike shorts.

The US Open and Maria being there almost makes the trip out to Queens with it. Almost.

Kate Upton Bodacious Cleavage Highlight the Action at the U.S. Open Finals

I guess there was a tennis match going on too. Who could really pay attention as Kate Upton, the new taste of New York, flashed a healthy dose of her chesty goodness at Flushing Meadows during the finals of the U.S. Open.

I’m not exactly sure how the gentleman ogling men were supposed to keep their eyes on the not extremely exciting back and forth rallies on the court rather than the front and centers on the blonde bombshell. But, then, there are better men than I. But nobody who knows how to use a set of stadium binoculars better than I, I assure you.

Kate Upton, please attend more sporting events. You make them better. Enjoy.

Pippa Middleton Flashes Some Thigh at the U.S. Open and the Crowd Goes Wild

Here’s what I’ll say about the state of our affair with the regal sister, Pippa Middleton — we still wouldn’t throw her out of our royal chambers. But we do have to admit our lust for the world’s most famous sibling of just a year and a half ago has sort of waned since our almost overwhelming desire to spank her bare bottom with authority. It’s been that kind of long distance romance.

I think Pippa herself withdrew from the spotlight, maybe knowing that our need to produce children with her sister Kate was a far greater priority to the health of the realm, but we’ve seen little of her, so it was a pleasant surprise when she and her thigh-revealing slit-skirt made their way to the shores of The Colonies to take in the games of the U.S. Open. Sometimes, a little leg is all it takes; we don’t ask for much. Enjoy.

Jordin Sparks Uses Her Bootylicious Curves to Ace the U.S. Open

I don’t know, I’m kind of short on tennis jargon, given that the closest I ever got to a grass court as a child was smoking grass on the un-monitored basketball courts during recess in middle school, but I think I’d pay more attention if more events like the U.S. Open were actually opened by girls with bodies like Jordin Sparks.

We’re not huge followers of American Idol here as you might expect, but the show has produced some pretty fine looking pop starlets into our fold, and we’d be lying if we didn’t say we noticed the sweet arse curves on Jordin during her song opening for the grand slam tennis event in New York last night. It’s an hourglass filled with sand we’d like to feel between our toes and other assorted body parts. Enjoy.