Anna Eberstein Suffers Major Wardrobe Malfunction Upskirt At French Tennis Open

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Well, there is daring and then there is daring deserving of an Egotastic! type award. Hugh Grant’s loveliest of Swedish TV lady friend’s Anna Eberstein flashes her lady nest at the French Tennis Open when she combo’ed up a shorter white tennis dress and no panties for a visit to center court. Now, being a veteran of celebrity paparazzi circles, Anna had to know all lenses would be on Hugh and herself in the celebrity boxes at the match, but apparently Anna simply loves the cool breeze of the clay courts up and under her skirts, or perhaps she just is a super fan of Basic Instinct. Either way, it’s a pleasant surprise to see a beautiful modern lady who isn’t afraid to leave a little frizz down in the biz.

It takes all kinds of sextastic women to make this world go ’round. But the boldest of beautiful ladies who wear short skirts and no panties to seated public events really are my favorite. They make this globe spin just a little faster. Bless you, Anna, and your special places you’re sharing with us today. Game, set, snatch! Sorry, I just had to. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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Diane Kruger Upskirt Red Panties Flash At Cannes

You can count on two things each year at Cannes. One, a pretentious line or pretentious people talking pretentiously about film and the arts. Second, and more importantly, a Diane Kruger upskirt. I’m not sure why the veteran hot blonde thespanic find herself flashing her panties so often when in the South of France, I’m just happy it happens. And on a somewhat clockwork basis where we can predict it, shoot it, and absolutely savor it.

This year Diane wore red on the panties front as she hopped atop of railing in a short blue dress, exhibiting her feline prowess and kitty kat sextastic. Oh, it’s no big deal for Diane Kruger to flash a bit of her cloth covered lady’s nest every now and then, that’s on the giving end. Speaking as a representative of the receiving end, the gentleman oglers, this is an annual tradition far more important than the silly festival itself or awards given out to tiresome directors who make important movies. Diane Kruger is a babe. Her panties, by association, are babe-alicious. I intend to watch them through the end credits. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews

Georgia May Jagger Upskirt on a Bike

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time Georgia May Jagger has flashed her panties upskirt during a photoshoot. I’m not saying it’s intentional, I’m also not saying I would mine a whit if it was intentional. I’m not really saying anything, just staring up her skirt at her white panties as icing on the cake to her overall hotness, hence, her paid photoshoot.

I wonder if someday I shall tire of peeking up pretty girls dresses to see their cotton covered holy places. I’m pretty sure I won’t, but should I ever, please do shoot me, though when I’m not expecting it, put me down humanely. I’d like Georgia May to sing at my funeral, standing over my casket, so my eternal eyes can get one last peek at her knickers. I am a prurient soul. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Gigi Hadid Upskirt Panty Peek While Filming A Commercial

Sexy person Gigi Hadid showed off more than a little skin during a shoot for a commercial recently. Her skirt, which was cut passed her no-no spot, opened like the curtains of a theater to show her lovely pink panties to the world. Is there anything in this world that can stop a man, any man, in his tracks like a peek at some underwear? I doubt it. Maybe some ample cleavage. Speaking of which, these pics have that too. Gigi is wearing a tank top in some in which you can not only see some killer cleave but also a bit of sideboob as well. That would be plenty for any normal gallery, but this one has more hot stuff in it. Take for example Gigi in a skin tight leather pants on a motorcycle.

Need I say more? I’m all about Gigi. Not only is her name fun to say but she’s also one of the hottest women on the planet. The whole planet. Believe it.

Photo Credit: Splash

Thank God It’s Upskirts! Naomi Watts, Ariana Grande, and Jennifer Lopez Panties Peeks for the Weekend Getaway

If you’re like me, at some point I’m making the long trek this weekend to my couch. It’s a decent number of feet and even when stepping entirely on the backs of my intern army, it’s still a chore. I need a little something something to inspire my gait. Something like a dozen or so peeks up the skirts of some of Hollywood’s hottest ladies in short skirts, dresses, and otherwise just flashing their undercrackers inadvertently for our ogling eyes.

Take a gander at these sweet blessed upskirt peeks of some extremely alluring leading ladies. You might just find yourself inspired enough to hit the couch as well. Or loo if you require a little extra privacy. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Egotastic! Archives

Katy Perry Sweet Upskirt In Beverly Hills

The lovely Katy Perry showed off her undercarriage while house shopping in Beverly Hills. Katy was wearing what can only be described as a naughty schoolgirl outfit. I’m not sure that dressing like a high school tease is the best ensemble to look at real estate but then again I’ve never been a homeowner. The skirt was quite short. You could pretty much see everything but her hoo-haa…that is until she bent over. She didn’t even have to bend far, that’s how short this skirt is. You get a peek at her underwear and the bottom of her booty. It’s a wardrobe malfunction that I think was meant to “malfunction”. After all, it’s not a surprise that the photogs got an upskirt of her with an outfit that short. She’s a shrewd player in this business we call show and she knows that she has to give a little bit back.

This is a joyous day indeed, my friends. We wait patiently for moments like this. It’s things like “Katy Perry Upskirts” that make this job so satisfying.

Kourtney Kardashian Flashes Her Panties and Bare Butt Cheeks to Take Miami

Honestly, if faced with a hot poker rammed up the urethra vs. sitting and watching Kim and Kourtney Take Miami, I’m flipping a coin to make that close call. The Kardashians are like that pervasive smell in the neighborhood after a frightened skunk has jettisoned its musk and the aroma pervades every sense, omnipresent, filling your pores from all directions and just making you reflexively shudder and want to move on past. Well, like that stank plus $60 million in cash annually.

Yet, through the putridity of the Kardashian mafia every now and then appears a beacon of exhibitionist fun, such as today when Kourtney Kardashian had a wind gust (or was it Kris conjuring up her demon spirit winds) lift up her skirt on a balcony in Miami, revealing her thong and bare-arse cheeks for all the onlookers in the South Beach area.

Now, some of you find Kourtney to be the best looking Kardashian, and perhaps the least annoying, if one were forced to rank the various sub-demons and fallen angels by rankness. So, for all of you, have a gander up Kourtney’s skirt and have a breath of fresh air. Enjoy.