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Katy Perry Sweet Upskirt In Beverly Hills

The lovely Katy Perry showed off her undercarriage while house shopping in Beverly Hills. Katy was wearing what can only be described as a naughty schoolgirl outfit. I'm not sure that dressing like a high school tease is the best ensemble to look at real estate but then again I've never been a homeowner. The skirt was quite short. You could pretty much see everything but her hoo-haa...that is until she bent over. She didn't even have to bend far, that's how short this skirt is. You get a peek at her underwear and the bottom of her booty. It's a wardrobe malfunction that I think was meant to "malfunction". After all, it's not a surprise that the photogs got an upskirt of her with an outfit that short. She's a shrewd player in this business we call show and she knows that she has to give a little bit back.

This is a joyous day indeed, my friends. We wait patiently for moments like this. It's things like "Katy Perry Upskirts" that make this job so satisfying.

Kourtney Kardashian Flashes Her Panties and Bare Butt Cheeks to Take Miami

Honestly, if faced with a hot poker rammed up the urethra vs. sitting and watching Kim and Kourtney Take Miami, I'm flipping a coin to make that close call. The Kardashians are like that pervasive smell in the neighborhood after a frightened skunk has jettisoned its musk and the aroma pervades every sense, omnipresent, filling your pores from all directions and just making you reflexively shudder and want to move on past. Well, like that stank plus $60 million in cash annually.

Yet, through the putridity of the Kardashian mafia every now and then appears a beacon of exhibitionist fun, such as today when Kourtney Kardashian had a wind gust (or was it Kris conjuring up her demon spirit winds) lift up her skirt on a balcony in Miami, revealing her thong and bare-arse cheeks for all the onlookers in the South Beach area.

Now, some of you find Kourtney to be the best looking Kardashian, and perhaps the least annoying, if one were forced to rank the various sub-demons and fallen angels by rankness. So, for all of you, have a gander up Kourtney's skirt and have a breath of fresh air. Enjoy.

Bar Paly Upskirt Has Us Feeling A Sharp Pain In Our Gain Area

Michael Bay and hot girls on movie sets go hand in hand, often hand on other things in the trailers, but that's an entirely different set of unconfirmed rumors.

Bar Paly is the latest Michael Bay bit of on-set goodness, with the sextastic model filming her tarty-hot role in his new film Pain and Gain filming in Miami. And, don't you know, for our efforts of peeping and spying on set, we were rewarded with a Bar Paly upskirt, a flash of the pink panties from our second favorite model named 'Bar' hailing from Israel. Enjoy.


Jayde Nicole Flashes Her Pink Panties at Star Magazine Party

We kind of covered the Star magazine party the other night that brought out a bunch of B-level Hollywood hotties to the red carpet to celebrate some trumped up occasion, but we missed on the arrival moments of some of the celebs, including what turned out to be a wonderfully revealing upskirt from super brunette hottie Jayde Nicole, who couldn't quite help but flash her knickers when exiting her vehicle in the loading zone. Or, given how hot she looked flashing her panties, unloading zone.

Bad puns aside, Jayde Nicole is one of our belusted hidden gems, and a chance to peek up her dress in the direction of her bodily gem, well, it turned an otherwise dull event into something far more sextacular. Enjoy.

Maria Fowler Upskirt Pictures Present a Lacey Peek in Mayfair

We do so dig the bodacious Maria Fowler, former TOWIE, current buxom hottie and reality star, the kind of boobtastic pumpkinhead we lament here in the U.S, but somehow seem so much more interesting when overseas. But between the rack and the body and the big hair and the big everything goodness elsewhere, we can't help but follow this girl around with our 30-40 vision and wait for moments such as her upskirt outside of Nobu in Mayfair.

Now, the dinner tab at Nobu costs more than my monthly rent (albeit, a 2am run to Arby's where I order everything on the right side of the menu can also break my bank), so I'm not getting inside the restaurant any time soon, but I'm glad to take the complementary visual dessert courtesy of Maria Fowler's panties flashing as she bends to get into her cab. Enjoy.

Egotastic! Hotness Awards 2011 — Top Ten Best Undercarriage Peeks


Egotastic! became known in the early years as the place where you could catch all your naughtiest and hottest celebrity peeks. We work hard to ensure that gloriously deviant reputation never goes away.

In 2011, we had yet another 365 days full of some of the best groinal-region peeks and views and quite glorious wardrobe malfunctions (sometimes intentional, sometimes we wonder).

BEST UNDERCARRIAGE PEEKS : Jump into the gallery to see the results of the Top 10.

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